Lego 75190 Star Wars First Order Star Destroyer

Lego 75190 star wars First Order Star Destroyer is based on the new trilogy of films, it’s not the first-star destroyer released but it is the first Order version, in other words, the Latest. Its 1416 pieces and includes 7 minifigure and droid.

I was silly the last time a star destroyer came out, I got the AT-AT but was back and forth for ages and counting the pennies, thus I missed out. It immediately shot up in value and thus I was put off, however, when this came out I again waited but eventually bought it as I didn’t want to miss out. Tigger and I are massive star wars fans so ultimately I knew he would want it as part of our collection. 

It is a larger set compared to other space ships, as you would have assumed however it’s not huge, it measures around 56cm in length from tip to the back, so not too bad. Personally, it’s one of those that I would like bigger, just to show the scale, but I realise the cost would be silly. It’s mainly grey with the use of Lego Technic for the main bulk of the ship, this adds its strength. 

The Build

Bag 1 see the first mini-figure in the form of a first-order officer, the traditional style officer in star wars but with the slight tweak of colours and readings to match the modern-day versions. The rest in the first base level of the ship, much that you never see again lol, but at least the black floor is partially visible. 

Bag 2 sees more technic jawed to help support what’s coming, with the building in the later parts. On the floor though is the foundations of equipment and dividers. So far Tigger was fine to do much of this, only a little bit of the technic was needed some help, but at this point, you can start to see the shape and scale. 

Bag 3 saw much more of the central part being built, and more foundations of equipment. The tower that sits on top is in its infancy, as well as the officer’s platform. An interesting take on this sees the construction of a middle technic hook, that raisers up and down, the idea of this once complete, is that you can hold or fix this to show the shop flying. It’s sturdy and adds a little play value to the ship. Though I would be of course scared of dropping it lol. 

Bag 4 sees a big transformation on the internals, much of the quarters, equipment, chairs, screens and dividers and now built. This is a big distinction with this bag and sporting more red alongside the black adds some much-needed colour in a lot of these sets. 

Bag 5 sees the finish of the tower along with some prep of the overall construction. But this bag is mainly about the engines on the rear. These look great and is very distinctive from the back, whenever you see the ship shoot off in the films you can see these and they look great. 

Bag 6 sees more side work and layers, whereas the front now has been extended with its nose. Bag 7 and 8 jump now with 2 mini-figures in the form of first-order stormtroopers and the right side top and side. Which gets created in two parts, first is more technic and the base part that slightly comes up, and then stops, and will be locked in, then the second is the main top part. This gives its more completely enclosed look, however, it folds open to allow play in it. 

Bag 9 10 and 11 sees the competition of the other side, this is essentially the same build as the previous bags. Again with the bottom flap to the side and the larger part that sits on top with still the ability to fold open. This is a lot of technic, and was the main challenge for Tigger, on both these folded out areas, I helped a lot here. It was generally tricky and in reality, you would have to be prepared to help. However the remaining mini-figures including the droid were present, these were the first order shuttle pilot, BB-9E, and the supreme leader Snoke. 


Overall there are parts I liked, the overall look once completed looks good, I still would like it to be bigger, more black and red on the outside would also add to it, however, I realise they are limited by the designs by the films. Minifigure selection is fine, but I feel Snoke is poor compared to his actual character. Tigger though liked making it, it was difficult at times, and some of the technic stuff provided some of his biggest challenges on sets. However complete its looking good, the carry claw was a great idea and feels very stable, you could carry it or hang it. Whether its worth over £100 is debatable.


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