Sky Q, do the family get the most out it?

Sky Q is the top end service that Sky provides, which allows a better quality Hub, access to their on-demand service among other things. With the connections to sky q minis, these can be placed around the house in other rooms to seamlessly go from one room to another, but also able to watch and record up to 6 things at once. 

Sky Q Customer

We have been sky customers for a while now, we have tried other services but in reality, we tend to stay because of the channels, and the ease of familiarity of it all. When we look to end the contract I negotiate a new better deal, this is how we actually got Sky Q in the first place. I was interested in it and then they offered me reduced etc.. And I stayed. 

With the main room, Dining room, my room and Roos bedroom we have 3 extra sky Q Mini boxes. Roo being that age now wants that independence thus why we gave it to her. We also have a Netflix subscription which roo watches her programs and films, now with the integration of Netflix into Sky, you can quickly go to Netflix and she can choose her profile. Which we have limited based on her age, much like Sky where it is pin codes for mature things, the kids can’t access them. But having Netflix and sky in such an easy process helps her, and no need to have any other devices and players connected to the TV. 

Piglet and Tigger generally watch it in the Main Room, or when they are eating they watch it in the dining room. They generally watch their kids channels or kids films. Having sky cinema helps with this no end and we can instantly play films that they want to watch.

Or for Tigger a series with have recorded for him, we have a 2tb version which has meant we have recorded all sorts of films and TV series, in the past you could struggle with this as you would have been only able to record 1or 2 things, while watching something else, and let’s be honest chances are it would clash with something lol. But also being such a big hard drive means we are not concerned about the amount, all this time we haven’t actually got close to filling it. 

We have a 4k TV so the sky Q box allows you to play the film or program in UHD if it’s possible, this BTW also takes up my memory but again the box is big. It will also default to UHD when streaming both Sky or Netflix if it knows your TV is 4k. Sky’s interface is better on the Q, much clearer, simpler, cleaner than regular, it’s certainly come along way and drastically improved much like the ability to search for things, or how they are linked when your wanting to find something related etc..

For a while, the Tivo box was much better than this, but over the years sky closed the gap to a good level now. You do get a second flashy remote also, I personally don’t use it, it has a microphone and interactive style controls on it, but again I don’t really use it. 

One of the main areas we seem to not use is the catch-up, there’s a whole section for a catch up where BBC iplayer, ITV hub, all 4, Channel 5 and many sky channels all have a big selection of programs to watch. I don’t use this part nearly enough, however when I look for a program and have the option to watch it or download it, or set a record, then the program I’m looking at something comes from catching up. So in a way, I probably do use it far more than I realise, but in reality, none of us purposely go to look and see what’s on. 

We getting the best of this?

So as a family are we getting the best out of sky Q? I’m not ashamed to say we are a TV family, it’s there in quiet alone times or as a group at family times. So with this being said, we don’t want the best, as we don’t have the chance to go out as much as we would like. The advantage of having the sky q mini boxes in several rooms is very useful, it wouldn’t have been years ago, but now we have several people in the house all wanting to watch in separate ways, this ultimately will avoid arguments.

We do like Netflix so the integration of Netflix was great, the kids understand it straight away which tells you how slick it was. Is it worth the extra cost? Possibly not, I realise that’s the way of things now but Sky isn’t really that cheap, so to have an increased amount of sky Q perhaps isn’t right. We do use it a lot and I’d have to take a long thought of price vs use. But as a service we all really like it, I’m not sure we do make the most out of it. Anyone who knows what I’m missing out on is welcome to let me know. 


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