Loot crate – Star wars Endor Rebel Crate

Loot Crates are a collection of collectable and unique items that are at a reduced price, compared to buying them separately. They are also often blind, so you are unsure what is in the box but they are often themed. This one is themed to Star Wars but focuses on the Endor and Rebels, which is set in Star Wars Return of the Jedi, in which the Rebels are helping to disable and Destroy the Deflector Shield Generator, allowing the attack on the Death Star.

I’ve Purchased a few of these style crates from different supplies as a reward for the kids and us, often after we open them together we distribute them out. Unfortunately, Boo, Roo and Piglet are not too fussed about Star Wars, so this was more for me and Tigger. which ultimately is fine but we love Star Wars, Tigger has watched al the films and plays the Lego Star Wars games fairly regularly which helps him recognise names and characters.

What’s in the box?

The box is in a nice design with Star wars and Rebel colours and designs, even once opened it shows this off more, inside the box is a certificate style Notice of Deployment. This is carrying on the effect of you being a Rebel and the gear inside is the equipment needed for your mission. This is a really good touch and for a child-like Tigger its great fun while showing you what’s in it, there’s a Brief of the mission as well as objectives, shows you a picture of primary targets, Indigenous Tribe (Ewok) and likely Imperial Resistance including AT-ST and Speeder Bike. This was a great Start for Fans of Star Wars and really detailed document.

The first Equipment was your Elements Protection Garment, a Poncho! its Lightweight and compact, designed for Concealment and Protection Specific to the Forest of Endor! Its colours with the Rebel Logo does fit well in a forest type area and is great for Water adventures and Forest walks etc.. a good design and nice bit of fun on a traditional Poncho.

The next is Headwear, an Adjustable Hat (baseball hat style),  This soft Unstructured Hat is designed to be packable, comfortable and protective. Matched to the foliage colour found on Endor, it will be both Conceal you and protect you. This is great and another good choice of colour and design, with the Rebel Logo there also. It fits me so I will be taking the Hat!

Next is the Pocket Documents Protection!  A wallet, Durable and weather resistant. The commando Wallet will keep all classified documents concealed and protected. Plenty of room for many types of currency and personal identification credentials! The colours continue from the Hat and as soon as we took it out of the box Tigger said he wanted it, which is fine as he doesn’t have a good wallet, so this was fine for him. Inside there is plenty of room as is more of a teenager/adult wallet than a kid which is cool.

Elite Special Forces Lapel Pin! You should wear this Badge with pride knowing you are part of the elite soldiers chosen to protect the alliance in time of need. The pins design is great with a real-life military-style effect and on it a picture of the shield generator.

Lastly, The Climate Preparedness Hoodie is the largest thing in the box. Be prepared for potential climate fluctuation with this protective hooded garment only available for the Alliance Special Operations team. this was in my size so I decided to have it, its colour of black suits me and looks good, with the Rebel and Alliance spec ops logo on the design. It’s not a thick Hoodie but still lightweight and comfortable to wear.

The box itself can also be made into something, following the Lootcraft idea and recycling the box is a great idea with this one being made into a Cardboard AT-ST. It’s cut out and you can use glue if you wish to keep it longer, there are dotted lines to follow and can be a bit tricky. If a child is doing this its wise to give a hand as it could go wrong, especially around t some of the corners and thin parts.


Overall this crate is very good, the timing of the crate is still an issue as I seem to have constantly across their range with Lootcrate currently, however that’s a story for another day. It surprised me with what was inside, lots of clothing type things which was actually good. They all seem good quality and the designs of the Rebel are on point. The document with it was very detailed and offered some realism to a kid and the box making idea is always a unique thing. It had a bit for all ages all around a good box.


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