Lego 75259 Starwars 20th anniversary snow speeder

Lego 75259 is part of the 20th anniversary of celebrating lego and star wars. This set is about the iconic snow speeder first released in 1999 at set-piece count of 212, while this year’s version is 309 pieces. Lego has improved there signs since then and thus this set has had slight improvements including a larger cockpit and spring-loaded shooters for better playability. In the 5 20th anniversary sets that have been launched so far each one has an exclusive collectable figure inside, this one has Lando Calrissian 

Lego 75259

The Build…

In these sets, the instruction book has more detailed about the past and the sets, which I often like as a nice touch. Bag 1 contains the collectable Lando, Hoth Rebel trooper, and a small Hoth base P-Tower weapon emplacement. Lando was great and based on an older design of him, he sits on a platform that connects to the others. The Rebel trooper is fine and pretty standard for them nowadays. As is the weapon emplacement, for people who have made Hoth it’s just another addition to there design. 

Bag 2 sees Luke Skywalker in full rebel pilot gear as per empire strikes back, of the film, it’s set around. He still has his light sabre and a pistol but this is great as part of a collection if you have different versions of Like so far. The rest of bag 2 makes the central part of the Snowspeeder, including that larger cockpit. This is also ready for the wings to be attached to the sides.

Bag 3 and 4 are almost identical, both bags containing a wing but are made opposite to each other obviously for both sides. When they attach they have that distinctive angle design, which gives its that special feeling. The last mini figure Dak Ralter joins Luke in his rebel fighter gear, and in also good to see in the set. 


Overall Lots of grey and white due to it being set in Hoth, with a few stickers but for some, I understand this might look a bit boring, but for star wars fans, no. There is a UCS version of the Snowspeeder but considerably more money, so this is fine. But for me? well deserves to be in the 20th-anniversary set. The Lando is excellent and tops off the set, it’s not hugely expensive and well worth the buy. 


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