Lego 75188 | Star Wars Resistance bomber

Lego 75188 is the Star Wars Resistance Bomber from the Critical Last Jedi film, it has 778 pieces and comes with 5 Mini Figures, including Paige Tico, Poe Dameron, a Resistance Pilot and Bombardier, and Vice Admiral Holdo. This set is all about the Bomber Ship and its RRP is £99.99.

Now trigger and I love Star Wars, I’ve seen it all and the Clone Wars series etc, and my goal is to generally get one of each type of ship or scene etc, with this I struggled for a long time in whether to get it, so with a little bit of discount I managed to pick it up, but it didn’t end there I still getting round to building it with it slipping down further and further on the build list, it comes from one of the most disappointing Star Wars films in history, which has seemingly carried a little bit of a stigma, but lets put all of that aside a minute.

Paige Tico

The Older sister of Rose seen in the film who unfortunately goes down with the ship, her figure is great with a unique helmet, the design looks good overall with slightly different colour torso for her, but the helmets are great.


Like Paige, the Pilot also has the unique helmet with Visor etc, a slightly different design and as previous a colour difference with the accessory on Torso, but again looks excellent.


Though the other two have unique Helmets, actually for me this is a quite a striking helmet, both them and the pilot are kind of unknown people but still will help boost out a war battle with the two figures you need for this ship.

Poe Dameron

Poe has now been done several ties and the figure hasn’t changed that much, especially the headpiece, and this is no different, however, he does have a different Torso, the orange resistance look continues with him.

Vice Admiral Holdo

The Minifigure is very distinctive, with the pinky-purple hair, the grey outfit also looks good but really with the tone makes the hair brighter, both her and Poe are unusual to be in this set, it’s not really part of it all, but I appreciate that there both in it together.


One of the original reasons I wanted it was the unique design, and when I saw the film I actually thought this would be a different Lego design, and actually the overall design is pretty bang on, the top half is a more traditional style build, and that’s how you approach the build, it builds the long base with an opening for bombs a connection to the lower half, two small wings clip on the sides.

The cockpit at the front is the traditional method and opens up with flight panels, however in the middle, the top half comes off for better access, a clear dome top is great, while the guns and a pod that can turn 180 are excellent, the bottom part also has one of those pods though it’s a bit more fixed when placed on the ground but holding it allows more play use.

The bottom half is very similar to a Technic design with a lot of structure and not much design, this is to allow the bombs and to hold the pure weight and stability to the ship, which is doing well, at first it was concerned and it could still be knocked over if your not careful but in reality they have done well is making fairly sturdy, the two connecting is a little bit of a snug fit and Tigger would have struggled with it, the ship is complete with some shooters


Though the film might be poor, and thus many things about it have been placed with a stigma, however, for those who have got this ship, they will understand this is actually a good ship and a good design, it’s a good build. The mini-figure selection is ok, the vice admiral and Poe are a weird addition to the set but it’s good there in it together as much of the film is centred around there disagreement also, the other Minifigures look good and it’s great that Paige is present to show the sub-story.

There are a lot of positives to this set, the design, the build, the unique ideas and just the pure difference in the ship are all fantastic, there is ONE glaring issue the price. At £99.99 with 778 pieces? this is a lot,5 mini-figures is ok but don’t forget there are mostly resistance figures that for some might look a bit generic, as well as Poe whos been done a few times, I don’t think the Admiral demands a huge amount lol, but the ship is fine, and it’s more than fine…great but this is very overpriced in my opinion.


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