Lego 76088 Hulk vs Thor Arena Clash

Lego 76088 is based on the film Thor Ragnarok, and this scene is about Hulk vs Thor in the Grandmasters arena. However, there are accompanying Minifigures to set the scene. 

Lego 76088

Why am I choosing? I love this film, it’s in one of my top 5 Marvel films, I actually didn’t think Thor 1 and 2 were that good in reflection. However they knocked the ball out of the part with this one, the film had a very Guardians of the galaxy feel, which I think influence helped it. 

The Build…

Bag 1 sees the beginning of the arena, its main entrance door, that’s retracts both sides to allow entry for Thor or Hulk. Hulk is made as he is mainly a premade figure with moulded parts, this though makes for a unique version of Hulk, with armour and war paint, we then have to make his two weapons, a hammer and axe. 

Bag 2 sees more construction of the arena with lights and The Grandmasters chair, with a wall either side of the main entrance, these are brightly coloured, red and blue walls carrying the theme of the film. 2 mini figures feature Loki, with helmet, he looks fine. A new version of Thor with short hair and lightning eyes, along with the helmet and swords from this scene. At this point, it was a completely new version of Thor and much like Hulk a great difference in design. 

The final bag sees more walls, and the odd war accessory like axes, the walls finish with more connectable, so you could attach more walls and do a complete circle. The last 2 remaining minifigures are the Grandmaster, who looks OK, personally, he should look grander as per the film, he looks to normal. A Sakaarian guard rounds of the figures, I think its a bit odd that the grandmaster’s right-hand women Topaz, weren’t there instead, and why one guard?


Overall the set is fine, the arena doesn’t go around, I realise it would be more expensive, and I know that people have bought more that one set of this to complete it with two entrances and walls etc… I get that, not often do I get tempted to do it, but I really did with this. The minifigure collection is mixed, Hulk and Thor are almost worth the purchase if the set on there owns, but the others I can take it or leave it, but a different version of Loki perhaps worth the note aswell. The build was fine for me and Tigger, some playable areas to it, I’m biased because I loved the film too much. 


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