Diary of our COVID 19 Lockdown | Week 21

At the beginning of lockdown, I decided to do a diary recording what’s been happening, how we felt about it, and what we’ve been up to? With me being a key worker, Boo and the kids generally staying at home I was planning on doing this the kid went back to school, but with recent events who knows what will happen in September, this week I was back from my week away from everything.


The weather has been hot, too hot for us, Boo is northern and immediately doesn’t like the temperature is too hot, especially if it hits 30c, but let’s be honest it really was just too hot. This meant it was all a bit hot and lazy this week with us all struggling in the heat, ad to the fact that I’m back from a week off, so my motivation and enthusiasm hasn’t been great.

This week saw the first potential thoughts of school, we bought some school clothes in prep for September, this is often a big thing with 3 kids and different age groups etc, and Boo normally has a lot of planning to do with all of this, but it was weird to think with everything that’s happened that we are planning for there return to school may be, though at this rate we have absolutely no idea if they will be, so we are going with plan A.

Roarr Dinosaur Adventure

We did manage to go out this week to our local attraction, Roarr Dinosaur Adventure, we love Dinosaurs and we’ve been there a few times now, but this was the first time since Lockdown and was keen to see what’s changed etc, however after a briefly clouded cool start it went to baking hot! too much in the afternoon so after lots of drinks and playing we had to go, the kids had reached their peak.

Boo is still doing some work but powering through on her Books, so much so that she had started Instagram Book reviews and reading etc, which is a nice change for her, she loves to read books and has already read so many this year. Work though is still lower and money is still tight for us, we still have our old house hanging over us as we still can’t sell it yet, delay after delay just hasn’t helped.

The kids have been playing far more with each other this week, they have computer time etc, where they play with friends and each other but it was nice to see them playing a bit more together, they normally do but being 3 different age groups is can be tough for at least one of them, but they try anyway.

Onto next week where no doubt it will still be hot…


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