Lego 76400 | Hogwarts Carriage and Thestrals

Lego 76400, Hogwarts Carriage and Thestrals is one of the smaller sets in the whole of the Harry Potter range, it features 2 Minifigures, the Thestrals and of course the carriage,. The set has 121 pieces and has an RRP of £17.99.


Lego 76400

As you may be aware we are big fans of Harry Potter, and with Lego, we tend to buy every modern-day set that’s released, even though this might not be the most highly anticipated set out there it was still a must to buy. Piglet could have built this based on the simple build but as she was busy with Lego Friends at the moment…..I quickly did it.

Harry Potter

As we find through the years character slightly changes, and now a few years into the modern-day harry potter range we finally are starting to see a difference in not only the scene but the year groups as well. This set is based on the order of Phoenix year, we now see him with normal legs to show the growth of the characters, the blue jacket overlaying the Gryffindor Hogwarts uniform underneath. This is excellent and done really well, the hair is a bit normal but he was in this year.

Luna Lovegood

It was great to have this minifigure as for many, they might not have her yet as she isn’t in lots of sets, and to be honest she is one of the more recognisable students and characters in the franchise thanks to her slightly odd personality. Her Legs are the shorter ones showing there’s a height difference between Harry and herself, however the yellow clothes with the partially buttoned-up cardigan in lavender look fantastic.

Accompanying her is a blue bag much like her character from the film, she can have a piece of meat to feed the Thestral, as well as she can carry her copy of the Quibbler, and excellent print on a tile which is a nice touch showing her odd glasses that she wears in the franchise.

Main Model

The main model comprises of Thestral, Carriage and a little bit of scenery, this scenery is of a tree with a mushroom and leaf, I don’t really know why it’s here and Lego does sometimes add these random scenery bits in sets, especially smaller ones, its fine, It doesn’t hurt and they are using the carriage to travel from Hogsmead to Hogwarts, or the train Station to Hogwarts etc.. its fine to add this but to be honest it didn’t have to be here.

The Thestrals have been done before they are updated from the original run of sets back in the day, even this one has a slight tweak from the ones released recently. these mythic beasts can pull carriages but for many, they aren’t scene due to only people that have seen death can see the actual creatures, for others they are just invisible.

Putting that to the side they look fantastic with the moulded creatures looking excellent with the black almost leather effect, and this is even better on the wings as they are coloured to almost see-through for the wings, they attach on a creature with joints which allows movement, even when connected to the Carriage, the Foal in unique to this and is great to see.

The carriage is surprisingly detailed and pretty close to the onscreen one, you can fit a couple of Minifigures on the front while at least 4 can sit in the main carriage. Even though on paper it looks pretty simple, its lots of little unique connections that add stability and design, its not flamboyant or extravagant, it’s not meant to be, but the use of studs, brown sliver and black adds to that realism cart.


Its a small set, back in the day it would be a £12.99 set let alone the increase to £14.99, but with prices these days the £17.99 tends to be that new minimum, so we can’t be to harsh to that price and piece count, that’s where we are at now. The Minifigures are solid, and both prints are excellent, while Thestrals are also done really well, the Carriage was surprisingly well done, while the scenery extra was pretty pointless. all this being said it’s still an ok set to bolster your displays, even from the play value for kids it’s good and actually quite easy to build, for the neutral it’s probably a pass for them.


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