The kids still play together

We have 3 kids, Roo is 13, Tigger is 9 and piglet is 4, essentially they are 3 kids at 3 different age groups and school groups in play, but it’s just how things have worked out over the years, this wasn’t ever planned to be this separated in years but it just happened. Having this distance apart in years means their taste in things is largely different, so can they play together still?

play time

The kids

They are all 3 very different characters, which also provides obstacles, Roo is the showpiece, the performer, dancer and actually very smart, though her common sense alludes her at times. But being a near 14-year-old teenage girl her taste in things is now very different, she’s almost an adult and is a full-on teen, this creates issues in not only her taste in things but her attitude also, it can be sporadic, to say the least, but this isn’t anything new from a teenager in the world.

Tigger is the middle child, being a 9-year-old and near 10-year boy, like me, he’s surrounded by girls most of the time, but of the 3 is he’s the more reserved, pedantic, a little OCD, he’s a little different to them, he’s that nerdy geek boy that likes pop culture computers etc.

Piglet, well shes the renegade, she can be as cute as she is cheeky and mischievous, she isn’t naughty or serious trouble, but she does push the limit, she wants to be the centre of attention and bossy, but not malice, but she knows how to play people, however with all of this she a social person and very loving.

With these 3 different personalities and this year being different, it can struggle to get them to play with each other, Tigger is Piglets favourite person,  she always wants to play with him and that can annoy him, Roo will do the teenager thing and try to leave the room or go on her phone, Tigger at times just wants to play his computer, which for Piglet means shes not quite old enough to play.

Tigger and Roo have played over the years and it was a little easier 3 or 4 years ago, their taste was similar or enough, to be fair to Roo she has tried over the years to be involved, but she’s just getting to that point of bigger and better things in the world.


But with the kiddies, they have done so well trying to play with each other, and actually, due to lockdown its made them spend far more time together than they would have done, we have obviously had to interject ourselves into them playing together, especially at first if we left the kids to do whatever they wanted they would have been more than happy to play, but as time has gone by they have found there playing ability.

There’s the odd moan obviously with kids, but they play together very well, Roo has to make the extra effort as they rarely do what she wants to do but Piglet and Tigger generally just mess around, Tigger is still that age to get involved in Piglets fun, but getting him out of that bubble is the challenge.

Adding to the play activities

Having a couple of big activities in the garden and house has helped them with this, we had a trampoline before a storm destroyed it, they played a lot together on it, however with our recent tweaks in the garden there’s now a play area with climbing play area and slide, this with the swings also, gives them a place that’s theirs, inside the house a mini supermarket and outside has a playhouse and kitchen, which again can be a focal area to play.

Water always unites them in fun, with water pistols and paddling pool, where the nerf guns add another dimension to the play, but as I said this Lockdown time has allowed them to play together and it has been lovely to see, I’m under no allusion that there will be a time not too far where this won’t happen as much if at all, everyone’s getting older, and we are all normally busy, but it’s nice to have seen over this time while it lasts.


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