My Coffee Machine love

For many years I enjoy Coffee, as the years have gone on with 1 then 2 then 3 kids, my tiredness has increased. I do enjoy tea, especially Green tea as a refreshing change but I do love coffee.  To be honest, 20 years ago Coffee machines weren’t much of a big thing, and certainly not as affordable as they are nowadays. So I would just have instant coffee, Nescafe gold blend or Cart noir are fine.


Through the years I’ve tried different machines, “if money was no object” or perhaps one day will get a much bigger bean grinding proper coffee machine. But in my budget, I stay near the pod Based machines. Within that, I than explored and bought disposed of machines through the years. One thing that stood to throw was that I still liked the ease of machines, I did briefly have a coffee machine(DeLonghi) that you put the already grounded coffee into it, this was my biggest expense but in reality, it was still a relatively cheap mid-range one. It did have side milk frothier which was good, (i missed it for a while).

Pods and Special Drinks

I’ve tried some different Brands, Tassimo, Dolce Gusto, Nespresso. I’ve tried 2 different Tassimos actually, and to be honest, I was drawn into the variety of drinks that they can make, they did have some brands attached in Cadbury, Costa, similar to the Dolce Gusto. Both these did have Coffees, Americano, Latte, and special drinks like Chai tea latte or Caramel choccocino, or an Orea one on the Tassimo. Don’t get me wrong, a variety of these drinks are nice, and for multiple people like guests or my oldest Roo, these drinks are great.

But with pure coffee lovers and want they slightly better coffee taste then I moved from the Dolce Gusto to Nespresso. Personally, I think the Gusto Coffees are the best all-round Pods, Good price good quality coffee range, with a variety of strengths, and a variety of different type of drinks that can be brewed.

Dolce Gusto Chococino Drink

Soy Versions

The only major criticism to a lot of the pods focused around Tassimo and Dolce Gusto flavoured drinks is their milk counterparts, obviously, it’s not fresh milk and some people prefer fresh milk. Further to this, I’m dairy intolerant and of course, the flexibility in drinks massively falls down. I don’t mind the odd drink using this.

Much like the drinks, I have out in the world, if a milk option is the only option then that’s fine, it will do. Personally, if you suffer from this then you need to look at Machines that use real milk. Using attached or separate milk heaters and frothers. But on the flip to this, if you don’t have milk at all then I think you should be looking at a Nespresso style machine, if your budget can afford then go to Bean ones, either pre rounded ones or part of the machine.

The Nespresso provides the best quick and go style coffee out of those two options though. flick the machine on, chose the shot and the coffee you want and it’s done very quickly and taste good. If you are a milk lover then you have two choices with Nespresso, an attached pump that will also warm and froth the milk as part of the drink prep, you just add your milk or container, depending on the model.

They have also created an Aeroccino which is a free-standing milk warmer and frother, you can do cold in there as well if you just want it mixed, this is also useful for other types of drinks like hot chocolates lol. However for me, it’s great for the milk I use, Soy works fine and I don’t have to worry about the milk in the pods like I would have done on the others.


My Perfect Coffee

I realise for some this is a weird thing, or for non-coffees lovers perhaps thinking “what’s all the fuss about?” but Coffee is my only vice these days, I want a nice coffee at an affordable price, with all the tiresome days with work and kids I need a pick me up and don’t want to spend £3 plus for a coffee from a shop all of the time.


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