Lego 76127 Captain Marvel and The Skrull Attack

Lego 76127 Captain Marvel and the Skrull attack is a set based on the Captain Marvel MCU films, it contains 307 pieces including 3 mini-figures and Goose the cat, its RRP is £24.99, its the only set from the film that you can buy and only has these characters.

Lego 76127

Tigger and I recently saw the captain Marvel film and enjoyed it, it may not be one of our favourite films, and the set might not be that big but with the lego set being released we jumped at the chance to buy and build it. The set includes Nick fury’s Quinjet, which I didn’t know was what it was called in the film, captain marvel, nick fury, goose and Talos.

The Build

This set was fine for Tigger to do, so he was in charge if building it. The first pack involved building Captain Marvel herself, and Goose the Cat. The main part of the Quinjet was also in this packet, i found this the hardest part for Tigger, he took much longer on this pack than the other two. Though his sticker work is much better nowadays lol.

The second pack saw the building of Talos, as I said earlier I’m not a fan of the ears in these mini figures as there must be a better way but that’s just my personal preference. With the ship Tigger was now building the two missile firing mechanism, this was fairly easy to do and just simply pushes once complete to release the missiles, which were in the third pack. The Quinjet itself now looked more like a space ship  with the wings visible.

The third pack finished off the Quinjet and with he addition of tail fins, Cockpit, and finishing touches with Stickers and decoration, Tigger sped through this one. The last set also contained Nick fury, the younger version with both eyes and hair lol

Final Thoughts

Overall it’s an OK set, the minifgures are fine as this is the first chance to get the versions of nick fury and captain marvel. Goose is a cat, So you get a cat figure lol, the fourth figure Talos, He’s OK but I’m Not a fan of the headpiece with the ears, Tigger doesn’t mind but I’m not a big fan of those designs but I realise they’re not uncommon in design.

The Ship itself was different, and thus if you enjoy the builds being different then great, for example, the missiles load and shoot different to the others planes and space ships I can think of, pushing the piece forward fire’s all four. Do not buy this if you just randomly collecting stuff, only buy this if you are a fan of Marvel and need it as part of your collection or you wish to buy a simple set for your children to plan. Tigger enjoys it and it’s easy to play with and can interact quite easily.

But it’s not the best set so I wouldn’t make it a must buy. Tigger wanted it just because of the love of the film and Marvel. 


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