Lego 76387 | Hogwarts Fluffy Encounter

Lego 76387, Hogwarts Fluffy encounter was released in 2021 and focuses on the original Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stoners and this helps celebrate the 20th anniversary of Lego and Harry Potter. It features 4 minifgures and has 397 pieces including Fluffy and part of Hogwarts.

Lego 76387

Lego 76387

As a family, we love Harry Potter, especially the girls in the house, as Lego sets get launched there are usually the ones that are more focused about and help build the collection. This one was not only an addition like building and about Fluffy, it was helping celebrate the partnership of Lego and Harry Potter, it contained some collectable plates that were spread around the sets as well as a gold mini-figure.

Harry Potter

Harry gets done a lot, and the headpiece is again one that has been done many times, double-sided and it looks fine, thankfully they continue the shorter legs for the sets of the early film to show the age. the robes though look excellent with Gryffindor colours on them, each one is slightly different with a top button up showing the bumper underneath.

Ron Weasley

He like Harry gets used a lot and like harry has a double side headed, showing a frightened and happy version, his hair though is very good and the robe again is excellent with his version completely open from the front.

Hermione Granger

Both headpiece and hair look on point though like the others not much has changed, her robe is much like Harry’s but still looks really good.

20th Anniversary Hermione Granger

However with her Head and hair, these are exclusive, the gold colour with a slight pearl design on the torso is excellent if you like that. I don’t actually like these gold minifigures but I get some people would, and this one continues the trend with the other sets celebrating, her back has the 20th on while she stands on a gold base.


He’s a huge part of the set, and since the original one nearly 20 years ago he has gone through a massive overhaul, he loos excellent and is arguably the best part of the set. He’s not just the quick moulded creature like the recent animals have been done in Lego as they have expanded their range.

But with this one you build up Fluffy allowing hip, knees etc being able to move for the figure, while you lead up to the three heads which have been moulded. Each one is different and these look fantastic, the only issue with Fluffy is the grey joints behind the head, they aren’t covered by the rest of the brown etc and stand out.


Can I be honest, it’s boring… it’s modular which means the only plus point is you can change its look and\or slot it in amongst the rest of your sets, and that’s what this is for, filler. The design and colour are fine for what it is, it matches the rest but compared to the rest of the sets it’s just a bit boring. There’s essentially 3 parts with one of them being an open-style roof and lights.

The idea of this is the main building contains fluffy, so with the size that it is and the size of fluffy this makes this corridor style with a roof all a bit tight, a bit of chicken lays in the corner while two lamps are suspended in the roof, that isn’t quite covering the whole roof? in a very odd design, the middle of the room is a trapdoor that fluffy defends and a really nice Harp design that is also one of the better things to do.

Another room sees the devil’s snare in which you go through the trapdoor and full through, but not in the design on that actual booklet? but anyway this is made up of some weed style pieces flowing up. A bone and grey design shows the desperation of the room

The Last block has a roof also but the square balcony with two torches looks nice, symbolising the forbidden corridor. However, there’s nothing really happening in this room and I’m not sure where and why it’s here.

Above the room is randomly the most detailed part of the set? in the roof concave is stickers, a cooking pot, potions and a lamp. I don’t know why but it looks great, I just don’t know who’s it is and what’s happening, I heard its to do with the book which is odd because these are based on the films.


There are some great things to this, more of those purple gold collector style plates, the gold collectable minifigure (if you like that), and the 3 minifigures all look great even with the same heads etc. Fluffy on the most part also looks excellent and I prefer this one to the original, though the grey joint pieces behind the head are sloppy and look out of place, the heads and the design are just excellent.

The weakest point to this build is the building, it’s really boring, nothing really happening and it’s an ultimately a module part that you will simply just connect onto, they even give you ideas in the book. The layout is odd though, a more theatrical straight corridor with under level that holds the devils snare and the key room would have been miles better, but this one doesn’t work. Where is the trapdoor going?nowhere… the devil’s snare is not even underneath, but there is so little detail in the set.

The price is really high for the set, the piece count is low but for £34.99 RRP its terrible, it’s barely £19.99 set, maybe a £24.99 because of the fluffy design having several pieces, but overall this is just a poor set, probably the worse there has been, you can get away with it in your collection to help bad out you big build Hogwarts, and it’s nice to have fluffy, and you could redesign this much better, but as a one-off? no, there’s poor display and playability of the set.


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