DIY Modern Dining Table

DIY Modern Dining Table, Making your own modern dining table is a fun, simple project that can be completed in a weekend. With a few common household tools and supplies that are available at any home improvement store, you can create a simple new dining room table that you can be proud to show off.

Dining Table

Building a solid wood table is a perfect project for a beginner woodworker, because of its simple construction. A new dining table is basically a top, four legs and a structure to support the table in its upright position.

Things You’ll Need From Home Depot / DIY Store For This Diy Dining Table Plan

Basic Tools And Materials List From The Lumber Yard:

  • Tarp
  • 1 table top (precut)
  • 4 matching table legs (precut)
  • 4 2-inch-by-4-inch wood pieces
  • 4 3-by-1-by-1-inch pieces of wood
  • 4 corner supports
  • 4 coach bolts
  • 30 wood screws, 2 1/2 inches
  • Drill for the pocket holes
  • Drill bits

Determine what size of modern table you want to make. Choose your table top first, and lay it out with the underside up. Measure a square in the centre of the top to determine the length of the 2-by-4 wood pieces. The 2-by-4 pieces will determine the size of the table legs and corner supports. When purchasing the materials and lumber choices for the modern design of your first table, ask for assistance to double-check the measurements to ensure everything fits together tightly.

Lay out all the materials for your own table and separate pieces in your work area of the easy DIY project; lay them down on a tarp to protect the wood while you work. Start by placing your tabletop upside down, and set your 2-by-4 pieces in place as you measure them. The square made with the wood pieces will support the table legs and keep the structure stable. The square should be tight, and centered within the table-top space. This is called the top rail.

Secure the 3-inch wood pieces to the inside of the top rail you made with the 2-by-4 pieces. The wood pieces will sit on the inside of the top rail and attach to both the top rail and the table top to hold them together. Place the wood pieces on the inside of the top rail, centered in the middle of each rail. Using your drill, screw the wood supports into the table top, then to the rail. Do each board one by one so you can ensure a proper fit.

A great way is to place a corner support in each of the four corners of the top rail, and use a drill to screw both sides of the corner support to the adjacent rails. Repeat this for each corner of the top rail.

Drill a hole through the center of each corner support. The drill holes will be used to attach the legs to each corner of the top rail. To ensure you drill the hole in the correct position, place the leg first as a guide and mark with a pencil where you will need to drill the pilot holes.

One at a time, attach a leg to a straight edge corner support using a coach bolt. The coach bolt will be inserted through the leg and into the corner support. The bolt should be secured with the cap of the coach bolt. Once the legs are secure, turn your table over — you’re finished.

Helpful Tips & Warnings For The Table Build And Your Dining Room Table Plan

  • Use prefinished or prepainted wood pieces to eliminate the need to finish the pieces yourself.
  • Be careful not to over-tighten the different sizes of screws and bolts, because this might crack the wood pieces.

Woodwork and Finish Tips for Dining Table

A dining table is typically a centrepiece in a home, so it is important that it have both style and durability. When a table has quality details, such as nicely crafted joinery, it is wise to take good care of it to preserve its beauty and value.

Joinery Of Different Table Designs

Furniture joinery can be as basic as adhesives or as skillfully crafted as a dovetail. Some joints are so strong in design that they do not require any adhesives. Basic butt joints with wood glue are usually what are seen in discount-store furniture because it is the quickest and cheapest method to build an entire table.

Artisan and the whole joinery process has been appreciated for thousands of years, because of its simple demonstration of how furniture is pieced together by interlocking the wood. The main woodworking tip is to focus on the type of joinery you will incorporate in the table design and make it a goal not to use any adhesives. Instead use clever, attractive wood joinery to add subtle elegance to the central focus of your dining room.

Stains For Table Top Boards

Water-based, nontoxic eco-stains offer quality, semi-transparent, fast-curing flat wood conditioner and finish that work well in adding colour to wood surfaces. Its durable staining power is recommended for dining room tables that typically receive a good amount of use. Because eco-stains are environmentally friendly, they contain no formaldehyde and are a healthier product to have near food.

Be careful of raising wood grain, which happens when wood is too wet and the grain absorbs water and becomes more textured. It is a common occurrence with water-based stains. You can lessen the risk of this by first moistening the wood with a damp cloth. After the wood is fully dry, finish it with the stain and sand it using fine sandpaper.

Lacquer For A Beautiful Table

Eco-lacquers provide a clear, glossy finish and are the perfect combo. These lacquers are usually available in a satin finish. They are water-based and can substitute for high-solvent lacquers. They resist stains and fingerprints, plus they are strong and durable.

The finish of the diy table will protect the wood from liquid and food stains. Lacquer that is sprayed on provides the best result. Make sure to wear a face mask and ventilate the room. If you apply it with a brush, brush it on with speed along the grain. The application should be with a natural-bristle brush.

Happy building!


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