3 Ways to Help Keeping Your Car In Top Shape


Thanks to both modern day society and technology, owning a car is often seen as a must for a lot of households. Not only does it provide a sense of comfort and independence, it’s also incredibly convenient. However, convenience comes with cost, and running and maintaining a car can be expensive, so it’s important to do what you can to keep your beloved motor in top shape to get the most of your money.

photo of man cleaning his car - 3 Ways to Help Keeping Your Car In Top Shape

Often people fondly think of their cars as an extension of their family, and you’d always look out for your family, right? Not even cars can outgrow the test of time, but here are three small tips you can follow to keep your motor healthy, looking the part, and fill you with enough confidence that you’ll pass your next MOT test with flying colours!

How you can keep your car in top shape

Keep Them Busy

Now, this may seem like a bit of a no brainer, but cars need to be used often. Much like us, if left in one position for too long their joints can get stiff and sluggish. If you’re using your car everyday, or even once or twice a week this isn’t an issue, but if you don’t see yourself using your motor for maybe a month or longer, it’s a good practice to get into starting your car for around 10-15 minutes, once a week.

This keeps your engine and battery in good condition, and also can highlight any faults you might have, as the dashboard LED will be on. Just note that you shouldn’t leave your car unattended whilst you do this.

Purchase From ‘Approved’ Parties

If you’re taking your car in for repairs, or even a tune up, it’s advised that you do your research. Check if the repairer/retailer is approved by your car manufacturer. Most establishments will have this information available for you to see, as it definitely adds that piece of mind that you’re getting the best quality you can.

For example, if you require a body repair on your brand new Porsche after an unfortunate incident, look for an approved Porsche body shop that has the recommendation of the manufacturers. Quality is important, and it’s hard to be sceptical about a company that has received the proverbial ‘thumbs up’ from the makers themselves. 

black vehicle interior - 3 Ways to Help Keeping Your Car In Top Shape
Photo by Mike Bird on Pexels.com

Keep Them Well Fed

I know, I know. Another no brainer. But hear me out – often people will wait until their fuel gauge is ever-so slightly hovering over the empty dial before deciding to refuel. And while it might seem pretty rockstar to push your car to the brink and see how far it can drag you, it’s also a pretty sure fire way to damage your fuel pump.

Because you’re leaving it on its last legs and attempting to drain the absolute dregs of the tank, it can also pick up any debris and dirt at the bottom of the barrel so to speak, which can then clog the fuel filter. Whilst it may not always be possible, it’s a good idea to aim to refill at around the ¼ tank mark, and if possible, fill it up to the top.


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