Winter Activities for Dads and Kids

Winter Activities for Dads and Kids, Only one group of playmates has more fun in the snow than a bunch of young kids who are all the same age. That’s when a dad gathers with his own kids to romp together during a day when the ground is covered with new-fallen snow. There’s practically no limit to what they can do, but some suggestions can help them decide.

winter activities

Winter Activities for Dads and Kids

Build A Snowman

Let’s all build a snowman! What will make sweeter memories than a shared project of putting together a snowman in front of the house or anywhere else convenient? Dad begins with a snowball, and with help from the kids, rolls it into an ever-growing ball. Then they do it again until they have three big ones the size of basketballs.

Pile them on top of each other to erect the basic snowman. Then, everyone runs home and digs into the attic, closets, and basement. They’re sure to come up with the funniest hats, coats, scarves, and clothes for their snowman. Pieces of coal or small fruit can make facial features.

Build A Snow Fort

For another ambitious project, Dad and the kids build a snow fort. This requires the crew to make blocks of packed snow or ice to create an igloo. The fort could go up more quickly if there was a large cardboard carton handy. It can serve as the framework of the fort and can be completed with piles of snow and ice stacked on top and sides.

If it takes all day to build your snow projects with Dad, and if the area is safe for fires, have a cookout in the snow. Clear off an area near your fort or snowman, and build a fireplace circled by rocks. Clear off some tree twigs, sharpen the ends, and cook speared hot dogs and marshmallows over the fire.


Sledging with Dad is always fun, especially for the littlest members of the family. Find a gentle snow-covered slope on a nearby hill, bundle up and let the sledging begin. When Dad is belly-down on the sledge, he makes a nice soft pad to sit on while racing down those really steep slopes.

Ice Skating

Once again, a fun and fit activity which can be enjoyed by kids and their dads, ice skating is another great idea in getting the kids up and moving, and enjoying, rather than simply bearing, their Winter break. Whether it is an indoor or outdoor arena, or a frozen pond or lake, this activity is fun, reaps the health benefits, will put some colour in their cheeks, and will get them off the couch and having fun.

While fun is the main idea, safety is the main priority, so Moms and Dads, be sure to know where your kids are skating if it’s an outdoor area such as a frozen body of water, ensure its safety ahead of time, and better yet, jump into a pair of skates and head out with them!

Snow Sculpturing

Once again, the great outdoors offers another fun activity to keep the kids occupied this year during their Winter break. Kids can build whatever type of snow sculpture they want, and for added flair dads can provide some bonus items for kids to work with including food colouring and water bottles for added strength and colour. Kids are sure to have a blast making their very own snow creations using what nature, and this great frosty season, has given them.

Hiking and Walking

Whether you live in an area that gets a lot of snow or has a moderate winter climate, hiking can be a great way to get out in nature and take in the sights. Stay on trails that are well-monitored by park officials or forest rangers if you choose to hike in those types of areas. Some local parks may have suitable areas for cross-country skiing or frozen lakes and ponds perfect for ice skating. However, even a brisk stroll around a familiar park can be a completely different experience in the wintertime.

Kids can make decorative ice candles with their dad’s help

An activity for kids that also can enhance winter landscaping is creating ice candles. Using small containers such as beach pails for mould, kids can create clear or coloured candle holders from ice. Dads can help fill the pail with cold tap water and place an empty soda or soup can in the centre. For coloured ice candles, add a few drops of food colouring to the water.

Fill the can with enough pebbles or gravel to keep it from floating to the top and allow the pail to sit outdoors until frozen. Run hot water over the outside of the pail to loosen the ice and gently slide the ice block out. Place an appropriately sized candle inside of the ice block to complete.

On at least one of those snowy winter days each winter, go with Dad to help some people who are not as fortunate as members of your family. Work at a charity kitchen for the homeless, or help deliver food to the elderly or other people who are shut in because of the snow.

If the objective during this year’s Winter break is to get the kids up and moving, off the couch, and having fun then these outdoor winter activities might be just what they need. Remember dads, fun isn’t just for the kids, and the real fun comes in doing things, such as those discussed, together as a family, so why not dig out your own Winter gear as well, and hit the hills, twirl around on the ice, and get building as you too enjoy your kids Winter break.

Children love to play outside, and keeping them entertained indoors during winter sometimes can be difficult. The good news is that cold and snowy weather often can make for a whole new variety of games and winter activities. When the weather permits, outdoor winter activities such as games and projects can keep children occupied.


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