Diary of our COVID 19 Lockdown | week 17

As we entered lockdown I decided to a Diary of what happened, our emotions, and thoughts on the lockdown situation, with The kids and Boo staying at home and myself being a key worker, still at work the whole time. This week wasn’t food-related lol, after last week an apparent food-related week, but this week it felt a little more normal.

diary week 17

Movie nights continued as I’ve said before they are a big thing in our household, but with our start into Oceans trilogy*, Piglet was more than happy with the arrival of Frozen 2 at the weekend before, so this meant she was watching it.

I’m now in the countdown for my first week off since February and only second since October, and with so much happening this year its a rest that I need, but on the flip, we actually started planning stuff! after months of everything being moved, cancelled, delayed we tentative planed a couple of outings on my upcoming week off.

For the kids it’s going to be the final week of schoolwork next week, though Tigger has Monday and Tuesday for some bizarre reason, so this week has felt like a drag, they know next week is it, and you can see them on wind-down mode, so who knows that there going to be like next week!

We had some further new additions this week, with Boo’s work picking up a little, but still nowhere near what it was, we had a couple of opportunities, one with an outdoor house and kitchen, which founds its place on the play area, and the other was a supermarket checkout, both these will no doubt be on Boo’s blog soon, but I actually thought they were quite good, especially the checkout area, however, The playhouse etc was a nice addition to our play area as we were thinking of putting more stuff in the zoned area.

For me other than work I’ve been able to do a bit more time with the kids and also some gaming with my friends, as my best mate works offshore I rotate my gaming time to coincide with it a lot more, Borderlands 3 and Sea of thieves are my choice at the moment,

I’ve done a post about Sea of thieves, and it’s such a different game now from two years ago, whereas Borderlands 3 will have a review soon, I only handpick gaming reviews as I’m limited on time etc, though speaking of I have several posts to catch up on, my summer of top 5 has taken a lot of energy lol, in a good way, but I love movies so much its good to talk about.

It’s the last week of School Next Week! Hooray!


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