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Wrestling | Why I love it

Wrestling, as the years have gone on some interests and likes have continued throughout my life, one of them being in Wrestling (sports entertainment) as it’s something that may have gone up and down in my fandom but it’s always been there, but why?


Wrestling, how was I introduced

To be fair it didn’t start with any of my family, in the age of Sky showing new things across the world, back at the beginning of the 90’s here in the UK, WWE was something still relatively new. We have British wrestling that was often on Saturday mornings and presented in a very different way from WWF.

However, after being around my friends who had SKY at the time we watched some Wrestling, and in particular the Royal Rumble, this was the first experience I ever had and I was hooked. As you do with kids you speak and play with whatever is your interests, and for me at the time was football and wrestling.

Time moved on

As time moved on through the 90s and I got older, we were fortunate to get sky ourselves and was able to start watching WWF (WWE) more, then both WCW and ECW started to play on other Sky Channels. This all happened in the late ’90s which was arguably Wrestling biggest boom ever, It had got more mature and riskier from the ’90s and early 90’s cartoon-style characters, and me now being a teenager It was completely aimed at my type of interests.

The Boom

It was chaotic, it was almost a car crash TV, every week was loud and unpredictable, anything could happen and at the time it was pushing the envelope of violence and adult content, remember it was the 90’s, it was a very different time. A lot couldn’t be done now and perhaps isn’t great in retrospect but what isn’t these days…..

Even as the new millennium hit and wrestling perhaps didn’t hit its heights again, it went through many years of being fine. Even my interest in it went up and down as WCW ended, ECW too, and even TNA a slight alternative to WWE came to be and it still kept my interest in it just enough.


As for WWE wrestling, my interests were there, the violence had calmed down while some of the moves got crisper, cleaner and seemingly more effective in all wrestling. But the Wrestlers were still good and through the constant rotation like most things certain people stood out, from the early days of Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior, LOD, Bret Hart and HBK, into the peak of wrestling with Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, HHH, Undertaker, etc.. Many of these are still household names today.

Even onto modern days with John Cena, Roman Reigns, Jericho, etc they are all still top names known around the world. For me, though id like to say with over 30 years of watching I know a little bit, and even as my interests have been up and down.

I still watch WWE, now AEW, Follow impact and NJPW etc while listening to the odd podcast about it all. It may now be because of following for so long that it’s out of habit, I’ve seen so much, I’ve so many storylines, Wrestlers, Moves and Events, remember at times it can be as dramatic of stories as TV or Films, that evokes the passion of the fans.

Still excited

But I still get excited at times of the year, when something happens that you catch on social media and you want to see what’s going on, or big events upcoming like Royal Rumble, HOF, Wrestlemania, or other big promoted shows. I could go on with my enjoyment, I could talk about my opinions of the past, current and future, but most wrestling fans have an opinion so these days I just get on with it and enjoy the parts I do.

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