Roo Loves Pancakes From Daddy Pig

Pancake day! If it was down to Roo, pancake day would be almost every day. Since she was a little girl sat on the kitchen counter watching me make pancakes and eating them with Nutella, she has loved them. Growing up with Peppa Pig she would often refer to Daddy Pig as a little girl.

Pancake Day!

I regularly get asked for them and I don’t always have time, which is sad for me as she loves them, but its pancake day!. Spoiler! I don’t make them from Scratch, Aunt Bessey has done well perfecting her recipe, who am I to argue. But in the grand schemes of things, based on the ingredients, I have used Sainsbury’s the last couple of years, they’re cheap and fine, and this time I’m using ASDA.

Pancake filling

Let’s be honest, Nutella, syrup, fruit, butter, sausage, jam whatever takes your fancy? The taste is in the accompaniment but the pancake texture tends to be the same. Living with Fussy eaters limits my choice, Tigger tried one and nearly gagged. Piglet, on the other hand, is fine. Boo and I aren’t that bothered, however, I do tend to eat bits as I’m making them.

The perfect pancake pan

Recently I bought a special Tefal frying pan that was on promotion. It had an owl design so you could be creative by making a picture of the owl as it printed on it, and it works!!! If you look on YouTube there are so many creative ways to do designs that are hugely impressive, this gives you an idea in how it works.

But the pan itself is actually good in general, it’s wider and shallow with it being non-stick and allows a normal pancake to be made perfectly. Since I bought it I haven’t looked back, I haven’t always made the design on the pan but the pan is just solid. 

So once again I made Pancakes for Roo and now piglet, I used the pan, bought the mix, Nutella aplenty! Had the same joke from Roo as ever about me sticking it to the ceiling like Daddy Pig. ( I haven’t done it honestly) Eagerly watching me as I toss it and catch it, and with her being at school She was out early I got up extra early to get it all done before she leaves. That’s how much we love Pancake day!

As she gets older she may move away from me doing all the pancakes, as she loves baking and getting more involved I might be getting pancakes made for myself! But then there’s Piglet, show already shows an interest and enjoys eating them with Roo and I, so hopefully ill be doing for more years alongside Roo.


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