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What are we watching this Halloween | 2021

It’s Halloween Time! and October is the month in our house for Halloween films! We save them all up all year for this month, however after a rollercoaster ride of the last 18 months in the world, and several streaming services, etc what are we watching this year? We look apon Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, Netflix,and Sky Cinema as we narrow down our favourites.

Halloween films

We do love Halloween in our house and the Movies are one of the big things about it, but there are 5 of us in the house, and on the most, we enjoy watching films together however, there can be big differences in favorites. With the Rise of Disney Plus over the last 18 months this year sees it being a big part of people’s choice alongside Netflix, Prime, Sky among others, so with all this content there’s never been so much choice for us, so what are we watching this year.


Zombie films have been done countless times, and in reality, there was a shift in zombie films to the modern-day ones with Dawn of the Dead in 2004, Shaun of the Dead was a cult film favorite but here came a different zombie film, it was a Zombie Horror film, but it wasn’t, it was much more of a comedy film than a horror, it had the gore and the zombies but both the original and the second Double-tap, it much more of a comedy film.

The cast is solid, and its family aspect does shine through with the madness and gore, but it is a fantastic film and for me, I haven’t watched them for a couple of years so it was time again.

Stephen kings IT

Some people have a soft spot for the original Tim Curry version, however for me the two big film versions from 2017 and 2019 are my favourite Halloween films full stop, and they become my favorite to watch each year, the first one especially is great and would recommend anyone that like Halloween films to watch this over any others.

Hocus Pocus

From 1993 Bette Medler leads the family favourite in which in our household gets played every year for at least 15 years, let alone that Boo and I have watched it lots before the kids came. Let’s be honest we all have fond memories of the film, and there’s continual talk of the second one every year, and it always seems close, but as family Halloween films go there is nothing better and this will be always be one of our favourites.

Hubie Halloween

Now I get this won’t be a great Halloween film in years gone by, and 2020 film starring Adam Sandler for us will also probably not be a favourite in many years in the future, but we enjoyed it, and its that bridge between the younger kids and the adults, and with our kids being teenagers it’s a good shout of a film.

Addams Family (all 3)

Yes there’s 3, and actually, as of 2021 there’s a 4th at the Cinema, the kids like the Animated version and n doubt will want to watch it, but as a whole, the family loves the two films from 1991 and 93, an all-star cast and much-loved favourite, for me its still one of the best Halloween films to watch every year, and unlike IT, its a great family Halloween film to watch.


The RL Steins stories go back alongway, and to be fair you could argue that the two films from 2015 and 2018 finally did some justice to the stories, and they are solid films, Jack Black stars in a great family film which has be a family regular every year.

Others films that could make the list

Ghostbusters (we watch it anytime of the year)
Beetlejuice (also a film that can be watched anytime)
Muppets Haunted Mansion (new this year)
Nightmare before Christmas (great film we watch between Halloween and Xmas)
Casper (family Classic)
Dawn of the Dead (hold it in high regard)
Rocky Horror Picture Show (a cult classic)

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