Lego 75980 | Attack on the Burrow

Lego 75980, Attack on the Burrow is a set based on Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, in which an attack on the Weasley home features many characters. The set contains 1047 pieces and includes 8 minifigures which many are exclusive, its RRP is £89.99.

Lego 75980

In the second run of Lego Harry Potter, the Weasley house known as the Burrow was one that we were waiting for, the girls in particular love the Weasleys etc so this was naturally a set for us to look out for. With all of the sets and buildings available and probably still to come out this was one of the more unique buildings there has been.

Arthur Weasley

The father of Weasley and for Harry often calming subtle advice in his ear when he needs it, but there aren’t many versions of him in Lego, so its good to see him here, the Tan cardigan with grey trousers is a nice choice, and fits the character well, a simple face with Weasley’s hair is fine, almost generic but it’s fine.

Molly Weasley

Similar to Arthur she is often there for a little support when needed and was throughout the films etc, but there’s not many sets with her aswell, so again it was good to see her also, the light brown and tan with caramel brown dress looks fine, much like her headpiece and hair, for me, this doesn’t really reflect the film version of her, she doesn’t have that wholesome motherly feel to her.

Ginny Weasley

Ginny as a character and what she looks like changes a few times over the tears, much like the other kids she naturally gets older and the character changes, this version is more of an older younger adult to her, and you can see it within the design, the hair is great, while he colours and torso is an excellent choice, this is easy to see who she is and one of the better minifigures.

Ron Weasley

He’s been done many times, and like Harry and Hermione each era has a different set of styles, this was half blood prince s this design was similar to the other ones in this batch of year sets. Nevertheless, he looks fine, Red number and top with trademark hair look good.

Nymphadora Tonks

“Tonks” is one of the more beloved background characters but she isn’t around many of the big scenes so getting a Lego character is one of the more rarer ones, however, shes looks great in this with hair similar to the character, whilst the print of the multi-layered top is also good, why there isn’t Remus here aswell? I’m not sure.

Harry Potter

As ever what set would be complete without Harry? even though he perhaps not the biggest part of this scene he’s still here, like Ron and co this is his Hair piece and figure for this film year, the open-top jacket and red top if very good, and the more angry print of the face on one side is also really good.

Bellatrix Lestrange Black

Bellatrix is one of the most recognisable characters in all of Harry Potter, ad her Lego minifigure is exactly that aswell, her hair is piece is iconic, while the straightforward black dress and print on the torso is fine.

Fenrir Greyback Black

In all of the “bad guys” in Harry Potter, Fenrir is probably the first of the background bad guys you think of after the main roster of Bad guys. He’s in it through a lot of the film and it’s good to see him here, there was then him and Bellatrix in the scene but these two are the ones of note, his print looks great with his unique look, while his hair is also a good representation.


Much of the items are within the building, and a little difficult to get back out (more on that), however a flame wall esc type piece much like a dance in many other builds where they set a fence with it also, is a nice touch, showing the jumping of the flames that Ginny etc does to chase down Bellatrix and co.

The Main Build

To be honest you might look at this and say ” is this right?” well actually if you look a the film version alongside yes its pretty accurate as Lego buildings go, much like Shrieking Shakc and other buildings like that its hard to do disjointed, dilapidated, broken houses in Lego, you have to offer support for play value while trying to show the design of its unique build. this actually does it ok.

From the outside its colour choices with reds, Tans, creams and browns all look good, the design shows almost add-on after add-on after add-on, and that’s the point, the thicker wider bottom with door and porch while lounging area and Pig in a fence…I’m not sure….on the other part, there’s a boring whole flat wall that essentially goes all the way up to the balcony at the top on the third wall, where the fourth is open, this time on the bottom floor it’s like a cut open view on the building.

You can open the bottom two ways, the closed pig side shows one side of the fire and the window area with the pig on the other side, while the other side saw the family table come further out, this isn’t really covered and properly in the house, ultimately because of the cut half build style. Im not a huge fan of half builds, and this one is also an issue, the bottom floor has the most going on and it’s all crammed, the house isn’t huge but it is slightly bigger than this shows.

Above this…that has no stairs is a bedroom, but why did I mention this? well in the film Harry and Ginny share a moment, and that’s not really able to be shown here with the stairs, this is just before the attack. however, the rest of the building going up were bedrooms. The first believed to be Ginny is a sports-covered bed, and a desk with a mirror area, and a hanging broomstick over it was a neat touch.

The next floor sees another bedroom, but this was a double bed and assuming the parents on one side of the small floor, across the beam is a small area with a family pic, and some accessories.

Another floor up sees a single bed which looks to be Rons, with sports colours again, this had a tiny step up to the outside balcony, which looked nice, while just outside saw a tiny roof space, In which some owls are placed. All these areas are very tight and fits essentially just what’s listed.

The mix of colours is good, while different windows and shapes look excellent, the big beams above the door porch area hold support the upper floors, alongside the walls on the other side held up a disjointed floor, for me doesn’t look great. From one end where the beams are is looks fine, but the gaps on the other end just spoil it for me, there are two joints that angle it back down a the slightest of angles, but as I said it leaves a slight gap.


Its quite an expensive set, at £89.99 with many little pieces calculating to just over 1000, its perhaps on the high side, there are 8 Minifigures and that’s good, if anything there should be more, Remus not being here is a big miss, and is arguably not excusable. But overall the building looks good, but there’s really limited space which makes play value really tough, the table looks good but it a bit odd that it pulls out, but that’s because there’s not space, the designers try to do a lot here is such limited areas, and hats off to them but its too much in the areas, a touch bigger would have been better.

But this is the continual problem with some of these Lego sets, it’s not seen by them a big scene, thus a big scene and doesn’t need the extra space or pieces, but the time you come to do it, its just does not quite right. Don’t get me wrong it’s still a good set, it’s unique and if you can get it to touch cheaper then it’s worth it, this is for Harry Potter fans only, it’s not good enough as a normal collector’s item.


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