6 Holiday Travel Tips

Some Travel tips?, well the airport is ordinarily buzzing with activity, but during the holiday season, the atmosphere seems to be on steroids. There are people coming and going in every direction and as Murphy’s Law would have it, more flights seem to be delayed and cancelled than on ordinary days.

travel tips

To avoid getting caught up in the whirlwind and actually have a pleasant holiday travel experience check out the tips below.

Always Confirm Your Flight Before You Leave Home

It makes sense to check the status of your flight before you head for the airport in case it has been delayed, or worse, cancelled. This way you can avoid getting the news while you’re loaded up with your bags full of Christmas cheer and you can actually get your options from the comfort of your home instead.

Check-in Online and Avoid the Airport Crowds

Taking the time to check-in online can save the hassle of joining lines that seem never-ending. It is especially useful if you don’t need to check any bags and all you need is your carry-on because you can afford to get to the airport a little later.

Observe Security Guidelines for a Smooth Transit

Trying to smuggle a full-sized bottle of contact lens solution onto the plane not only slows you down at security checkpoints, but you may well lose your bottle and have to buy another travel-sized one. Heed all security warnings and breezed through the checkpoints while others are busy haggling over how big a 3-ounce bottle is.

Walk With Entertainment

You’ll be glad you bothered to take your novel or your iPod if your flight gets delayed and you are stuck with people watching for the next few hours. It also saves you the trouble of parading the airport in search of overpriced books and magazines you would only buy in circumstances where the only other alternative is absolute boredom.

Travel as Light as You Can

Unless you want to struggle with clunky bags throughout an overcrowded airport only to be hit with overweight fees at the check-in counter it is best to pack as light as possible.

Observe Holiday Carry-on Restrictions

Sporting gear like hockey sticks and skis must be checked-in as luggage and oversized items may incur additional fees so it’s best to find out before so you are not surprised at the counter also you can also score a discount by paying this fee online. If you are traveling with presents you should make sure they are not wrapped because you may have to open them up at the security checkpoints.

Travel tips

Traveling for holidays can be an adrenalin rush but this excitement can turn into frustration if you are not prepared. Do your homework before your travel date and keep your spirits up and you’re sure to have a great trip.


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