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HMV is one of the biggest brands in the UK when it comes to pop culture, Music, Films, TV, games etc… With their History in Pop Culture, they have also begun Mystery boxes, in selected themes and prices. This one is based on Super Heroes and retails at £24.99 with the idea of having items of much greater value of £24.99



For Years HMV has sold pop culture items, they are one of those shops both on the highstreet and online that’s always been known and many people of that age have grown up on the brand. So with them doing Mystery boxes etc, that was a no brainer, they have several tiers of boxes and different themes so its always worth looking at the options, this one is that mid-level one but focuses on Super Heroes

Wonder Women

A Wonder Woman’s Keyring with that plastic foam style material, but the colours and design are probably most recognised in the modern-day, even though it the pack referencing the recent Films.


Face masks! yes, they are still around and probably going to be for a while, but it’s nice to see a themed one in here, something different that you wouldn’t get in these Mystery boxes.

Star Wars

Maybe not completely superheroes in the form of Star Wars, but here’s a really nice Pencil set in a StarWars themed holder, based on the newest trilogy with characters etc, the pencils are looking more professional that kiddies ones, but to be honest they are good.

DC Joker

Pin badges are amongst things that are used lots of times but there are a few people out there that collect them and cover things like bags etc with them, this one was a good Joker version and for many would be a great one to have.

Marvels Avengers

A Vinyl Sticker set perhaps isn’t the most desirable thing, however for younger kids a good piece, is set around the Endgame film with their Nano Armours, and features many of the characters from the film.

Marvel Magnets

Similar to the Vinyl that perhaps this would be for certain people, however, these magnets focus on more classic Marvel than the MCU films, but 23 Magnets is quite impressive to be in here.

Marvel Multi Pen

Some more Marvel fun, a multi-pen with the design of the classic Marvel again, for someone like Tigger who writes and draws a lot it’s good to have, also good one for school as most kids are always impressed when they have these multi pens lol.

DC Batman

A great Mug to celebrate Batman Anniversary, the Mug looks very stylish with Black and Yellow and is a good size, for me one of the better things in the set.


For £24.99 it’s a good set, many of these things would be £5 to £10 in shops if sold separately, especially based on the themes and their popularity, so value for money? Yeah it’s fine. The selection of items is also fine, you could argue nothing really stands out as these are more of a collection of little things, dont get me wrong I’ve seen when a box has a big thing that stands out, it often means the rest are not as good, so with this its lots of small to mid.

The theme is good with Superheroes however, Starwars doesn’t quite fit.. and there are more Superhero characters and themes out there in the world that just Batman, Wonder women, and avengers, so a bit more variety would have been better, but don’t get me wrong it’s still good and with kids these are the characters they love.


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