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The Escapists 2 is the second in the series in which you try to escape prison using various techniques, its essentially a sandbox puzzle game with the Prison being at the centre of it, its is available on multiple platforms including PS4 and Xboxone and is one of Xbox Game pass games so Tigger and Roo have been testing it out.

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What they say

“The Escapists 2 is the forthcoming sequel to the multi-million selling, award-winning sandbox prison-escape game which will include, in a first for the series, drop in/drop out play for up to four players in both local and online play.”

“Escaping won’t be easy though. You’ll have to work around the strict prison schedule and avoid the unwanted attention of guards. Craft weapons and tools found (or stolen) from within the prison, but beware of cell shakedowns. Get a job or perform “favours” for your fellow inmates to purchase vital supplies, all while scouting escape routes.”

In escapists, there’s essentially one mode of playing but you have the ability to unlock multiple prisons and customising your character to keep you busy, but being a puzzle game, in essence, it had a lot of repeat playability to it, having the option of 1-4 multiplayer adds a yet further twist on the game,

I which you could work together in your plans to escape. The graphics are 2d ESC with this basic style that’s still very popular in multiple games, including adventure and puzzle, so at first glance, you might not think much about it but it’s all about the gameplay with this one.

What Tiggers Says

“I Like Escapists because it represents what would happen in a real prison (i laughed to myself), I also like how you have to create things to help you escape, but you can do jobs for there people and they give you money, some you can buy from and some will help you escape. My top tips, Don’t attack the guards or inmates they will attack back. Use your secret compartment for keys and weapons. NEVER miss an activity.”


This is a different game to what Tigger and Roo normally play, so I was impressed in how they got on with it, they thoroughly enjoyed the difficult side of the game, the problem solving and the teamwork, they weren’t that bothered about graphics, much like mobile games where its more about the gameplay than the graphics, this game is on multiple formats and played by many, which tells you about its popularity,

it’s not one that you might first think of but actually, it’s a good game if a younger person playing it may be a little quick education about prisons may help on watching them when they first play, just to settle your worries maybe lol, but it’s well worth a look at, even on gamer pass or outright purchase, as it won’t be full price game and maybe an affordable purchase.


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