Advice For Dads During Pregnancy

Okay Dads, Pregnancy, you’ve been running this race for two trimesters now and if you care enough to be reading this article, I would bet that you’ve been doing a fine job. Now, though, the third and final trimester is upon you and your lovely mommy-to-be. Things may get a bit tougher for you both.


The Long haul

This pregnancy has been going on for quite some time and she is starting to get impatient with all the waiting. She is probably pretty uncomfortable at this point and maybe reflecting that in her moods. She is might also be getting somewhat nervous and anxious about the impending birth.

This can be your time to shine as her number one supporter and partner! It may take a bit of work on your part to maintain a good attitude and keep on encouraging her in the midst of her less than cheerful demeanour, but if you do it, you will find that things will go much smoother for you both. The following are some things that you can do to help her through this final phase of the pregnancy and get ready for your new little one to join your family.

What can you do to help?

*Childbirth Classes-If you haven’t already taken the childbirth classes together, you should definitely get that done now. Babies can come early and you want to be prepared if that happens.

*Pack the Bags-Your mother-to-be should have her bags packed to take to the hospital. It is a good idea to just keep it in the car so that there is no chance of forgetting it in the excitement of a labor and delivery.

*Ready the Nursery-Getting the nursery ready for your new baby is one of the most exciting parts of the pregnancy. Work together with your partner and get it just the way you want it to look for your son or daughter’s first day at home.

*Keep Her Moving-She is probably beginning to feel rather sluggish and less than agile, but it is best for her if she keeps her body as limber and flexible as possible. Take walks with her to ensure that she is as healthy as possible going into the delivery room.

*Compliment Her Often-She might also feel as big as a house at this point and wonder if she is ever going to be as attractive as she was just months ago. Reassure her not only that she is, but also that she looks absolutely beautiful just the way she is right now.

*Shop With Her-Take her out for a day of shopping and get her something that will make her feel even prettier. Maternity clothes get pretty boring and most women have only a limited supply, so something new at the end is a real treat.

Its nearly time

You are almost at the end and soon, that baby will be in your arms and life will be different than it’s ever been before. While it is still just the two of you, treat her like the queen that she is and make sure that she knows that you are there for her every step of the way. After all, she is giving you the greatest gift of all, right?


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