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Loot Crate | Showdown April 2019

Loot Crate is a website that distributes pop culture items either singularly or as part of crates, within those crates they can be a particular theme or a complete mystery, even theme ones can often be a varied mix and shrouded in mystery. This one was the continued run of crates with the previous two being Transformation and Cosmic.

It’s been hit and miss so far for us so we were intrigued to see this one, the previous 2 had been ok with some nice stuff in it but after yet another big delay in receiving this crate, which tends to be the trend with all these from loot crate currently, but we as a family love pop culture so hopefully it would be worth the wait.

“Join Loot crate as we celebrate formidable heroes who have fought in some of the most epic clashes in pop culture history including The Avengers, Godzilla, Aquaman and more! In the ultimate SHOWDOWN, who will emerge victorious.” The box is the normal black on the outside for shipping etc, but the inside is a little cardboard space set, that you can cut out and build, I’ve detailed this is in a previous review.

Original Avengers 3D Cosmic Standee

“Modeled after the Avengers #4 classic comic book design, this 3D cosmic standee is the perfect way to show your love for Earth’s mightiest heroes”. This carries on the theme from the other cool looking comic standees, these for me have been some of the highlights from the set, if your a fan of obviously, Tigger has these on the shelves and they look good next to each other.

Mystery Showdown Tee

“This month we’re celebrating pop cultures heavy hitters with an awesome mystery tee! Each crate features. looter favourite t-shirt from Epic, battle loving franchises like Jurassic Park, Marvel and much more!” So for us, we got a Jurassic park Tee! hooray as I love Jurassic Park as does the kids, so this was excellent! its a little cartoonish but that’s fine, the quality of the Tees btw are ok, there never top designers quality obviously but there not bargain-basement material.

Exclusive Aquaman Challenge Coin

“This exclusive Aquaman challenge coin features our hero, the protector of the Deep on one side and his arch-rival and supervillain, Black Manta on the other. We’re betting this is going to make an excellent addition to your DC coin collection” Guess what! this wasn’t in the box, and a small print at the bottom explained a delay and it will be in your next loot crate subscription box or sent separately, but over a year later and we still hadn’t received, either via the post or box we have since then. We did get some Loot Crate Metal Drinking Straws though?

Exclusive Godzilla Art Print set

“In Godzilla King of the Monsters, the alpha predator faces off against me monsters loke Rodan, Mothra and its archenemy and destroyer of worlds King Ghidorah. These epic art prints feature Godzilla mid-battle with its thee headed rival, along with mythic looks at the new films heaviest hitters” These art prints are nice if your fan of Godzilla they would be good to frame etc.

Its’s a Look crate Showdown

“Which classic looter favourite did you get? Battlestar Galactica Cyclon Target Poster – Authentic target practice poster, or Star Wars #1 Comic book – Chronicles the adventures of Han Solo and Chewbacca ” Needless to say we did get the cooler Comic book, just the target post, to be honest, I’m not sure who would want this, maybe in American where guns are a bit more sort after, it looks ok.

Exclusive Showdown Pin

“This loot Crate exclusive pin depicts the universal fight between good and evil, a badge (or Pin) of honour to wear proudly.” This looks a good pin, red vs blue, good vs bad, but I get what there trying to do with a generic themed showdown fight but most people who would wear these type things would want the branding.


It’s a little disappointing, The standee and Tee are good as I’ve said above, the blue is me and the pictures are good for the kid’s point of view, whereas the stand just continues Tiggers display. After that it drops a bit, the Godzilla art print set is fine, Godzilla fan would like these, The Pin is a bit meh and pointless, the Battle Star Galactica post is rubbish for me, I wouldn’t even want to be told there was a Star Wars Comic option, that’s way better.

The Aquaman coin is really disappointing, Loot Crate as a company has had a rough time over the last couple of years and like other issues we’ve had, if this is how they treat their customers then this explains a lot, has tarnished my opinion of them.

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