Lego 75951 Fantastic Beasts, Escape of Grindelwald

Lego 75951 set is one of the smaller sets within the Wizarding World series, which is mainly Harry Potter with the occasional set from the Fantastic Beasts Films. This one focuses on the Escape of Grindelwald.

Lego 75951

This set comprises 2 mini-figures, which is a very low count even for a set at this price. A Skeletal horse and Carriage also which for me is good, there isn’t a whole load of horses and carriages through the years with lego. I don’t own any so was wage to build this set to understand how it was done. Tigger was taking the lead on this one as it was much easier for him compared to other sets. 

The Build…

There is only 1 major bag so essentially everything is on the table at once. The two mini-figures were first, Grnderwald And Seraphina Picquery, It’s nice to see a purple wand as a bit of difference to many of the other wands, as they tend to be black, dark brown, or light brownish/caramel, much like Grindelwald here. They also have a magic type accessory in their other hand, I don’t like these at all. Iron man and Thor have these, I get it there fine, they symbolise thors lightning and iron man’s laser, I thought at the time iron man’s should be yellow but hey ho.

However, these still being blue for both of these characters in mind is lazy, if all of Harry Potter sets and potentially others have these accessories to symbolize magic, then create a different colour (something different would have been better). These blue accessories have no relevance to them in there magic spells so this is a letdown. 

The main bulk of the build is of course the carriage, the horse is a quick premade standard horse, with a built piece that slots in where the rider sits, this allows the wings to be attached, and the carriage to be connected from behind.

The carriage is split into two, the main large one holds the seats and the surroundings, this looks good, the front smaller carriage allows the steering while connected via a pin. The long part connects to the horse, the colour of the carriage and lights on top are a nice touch, as are the bigger wheels at the back and the smaller at the front. Adding to an older feel to the carriage. 


Overall the set is OK for the price, it won’t go down as one you remember in your Wizarding world collection. But at a good price, (recommended £19.99) this is worth getting, as I said earlier I don’t have any carriages so I didn’t mind the build. Tigger sped through this pretty quickly so it’s not difficult at all, it’s fully working so as a good playable side to it. 

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