Board Games For Couples

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Sometimes a Board game can be a fun time and the answer as couples search for a unique way to put the fire back into their love life. Romantic moments can be hard to come by if a couple is busy, but taking time to play these kinds of romantic games on game night occasionally may be key to a unique experience in maintaining a healthy and joyous relationship.

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Couples Board Games To Improve Communication

Board games can be the best way for a couple to interact and improve their communication skills. Playing two-player board games is also a great way to spend a more intimate night as a married couple. Games have also been proven to improve mental health, reduce the risk of disease and even relieve stress, all of which can improve a couple’s relationship.


Scrabble allows couples to think on the spot as they try to spell words with only a handful of letters. The words can be conversation starters, as a particular word may trigger a memory in one player or the other. Communication skills are also developed as players challenge each other as to whether a played word is an actual word or if its spelling is correct. This allows couples to work out disagreements and deal with being right or wrong.

Settlers of Catan

This competitive game helps couples communicate plans, goals, and strategies. As players build and trade, communication skills must be used in order to make a fair deal with another player. It helps couples see things that may be mutually beneficial. If a couple is on the same team, the couple can plan and strategize the different ways to work together about what step to take next or what trades to make with other players.


Pictionary helps couples communicate without words. Since the object of the game is to guess what the other person is drawing, couples have to rely on their artistic skills to communicate the correct answer.


This game also is a test in nonverbal communication, as it uses body language and actions to communicate the desired answer. Players must act out a word, scene, or idea for others to guess. This helps couples learn how to communicate nonverbally.


Cranium is a strategy game that combines a variety of different skills and tasks for quality time. Players must answer trivia questions, sing, act out scenes, and play word games in order to advance. This allows couples to think quickly, communicate both verbally and non-verbally and work together on a team.


The object of Taboo is to get your teammates to guess a word you are trying to describe. A list of words you cannot use is given. You must not say those words, but describe the object using other words. This allows couples to think outside the box and describe things in a way they may not normally communicate. This also helps couples to realize that there is more than one way to say something.

Twister for Lovers

Twister is not just a fun game for singles; apparently, those already in a relationship can have just as much fun with this classic game, which uses a spinner and plastic mat covered in different colours. In regular Twister, a non-partial party is supposed to spin the spinner, however, when two people play, each player must spin alternately. There is really no real point or proven benefit of playing Twister to help a relationship, but any game that encourages laughter and falling comfortably on each other is surely an interesting discovery game for couples to play.


This great board game is a great way to learn things about your partner that, no matter how long you have been together, you may not have ever known. The object of this fun board game is to bring people closer through storytelling that has been encouraged through new cards with questions for each player to answer. Roll the dice to move along the game path, choosing cards from one of three card deck categories: memories, etchings, and valuables. This is a great way to have a good laugh and learn random bits of each other’s family or personal history.

Romantic Scavenger Hunt

This romantic game is great for couples celebrating an anniversary or for those who want to perform a romantic gesture. The goal of the game is to hide a few clues for your partner that are not too hard to find. At every clue, place a gift and another clue that will lead up to the main gift. The gift recipient can make the game as long or short as he wants, hiding things like a box of chocolates, candies, a pair of earrings or cufflinks, flowers, and so on.

Couples board games to re-ignite a little passion in the bedroom

There are quite a few unique and interesting games for couples to play that involve trust, a fun imagination, and a little one-on-one time to spice up the love life. Taking time to play a few couple’s games is a fun way to re-ignite a little passion in the bedroom.

Fan The Flames

Fan the Flames is a great game designed to enlighten a couple about the romantic wishes and desires of the other person in the relationship. This easy game for two people begins with each player writing down a secret wish in detail. This wish should describe something that the player would like to do with the other player at the conclusion of the game that they believe will ìfan the flamesî of their relationship.

The couple takes turns drawing Guess Cards that contain intimate questions about sex, love, or relationships. The player drawing the card tries to guess how the other player would answer. Correct guesses move the player along the board and the winner reveals the secret wish, which will hopefully be agreeable to the other player. Of course, there is nothing wrong with peeking at the other playerís wish and trading up if that sounds like a better plan.

The Kama Sutra Game

The Kama Sutra Game is based on the ancient guide for lovers, which has been developed into an adult party game that allows a couple to spend a romantic evening exploring one another’s bodies and minds. The two players roll dice and move along two separate paths and communicate about different wants and desires as directed by the new game. During the game, each player accumulates activity and sexual position cards.

These cards are taken together to build a script of sorts that will guide the couple through an intimate encounter at the end of the perfect game. The object is to develop a deeper understanding of what your partner likes and wants and to build anticipation that results in a powerful lovemaking session.


Embrace is a great board game designed to lead a couple through a session of intimate encounters, thoughts, and feelings. The classic board game is broken into three levels, including ‘Lovey Dovey’ for the more conservative player, Close Encounters’ for the more daring, and ‘Sextacy’ for a night of anything-goes fun.

The game includes challenge cards that range from putting on a romantic song and slow dancing with one another to performing oral sex on your partner and much more. The object of the game is to be the first to make it to the Embrace square and win a sensual treat that both players are likely to enjoy. Make sure that you play this on your next date night and you won’t regret it.

Final Thoughts

Good marriages don’t just happen it’s like a game board; they must constantly be worked at, worked on, and encouraged along on different levels. One thing which I strongly believe helps keep a marriage strong and healthy is regular times of refreshment, trying new things – times to just enjoy one another, have a great time, talk, share your hearts and dreams and struggles, and just be together away from the normal hustle and bustle of life. I hope that the above list of the best board games for couples is a great choice in helping you to start playing and enjoying these couple games.


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