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Disney Animated films have been in all our lives, and things that we hold dear to us, we all have favourites and all have ones that we thoroughly enjoyed, but over the years there have been times when Disney Animated films haven’t been quite good, but with the change in technology Pixar became a much bigger thing, and after the success in 1995 with Toy Story, they led the way for Disney and eventually were bought and joined the Disney family.

In my Disney classic list, you can see the quality dip and slightly rise after many of the employees moved over and merged to Disney from Pixar, with Pixar there films do actually slightly dip as there focus shifts in the merger. But there are some quality films and of our favourited animated films of the last 25 years,  and for me and the kids we do enjoy them, what I decided to do with the list is group the sequels together s it would all get a bit muddied.

Toy Story

It started it all, in 1995 this was groundbreaking in the first completely fully computer-animated full-length film, starring Tom Hanks, Tim Allen among others, this. was a worldwide hit, and huge, it’s still one of the most beloved franchises in history, how many people cried and nearly cried at the end of 3? my favourite was possibly number 2, it may be past its peak but it’s still great.

Monsters Inc

Toy story might be the one that started it all but in our house, it’s Monster Inc, this is where Boo got her nickname, it made her year when we were at Disney and we saw Sully and she got a pic, but we loved this film, even the kids love it and want to watch it regularly, the prequel was good but I still prefer the original.


I think this film goes under the radar for many people, its a little silly and far fetched in the plot but the underlying story of a man whose loses his wife after spending this lives together, not able to have children, always wanting to visit these falls, is brilliantly set at the beginning and always gets me, the fact that he’s gets this mini family by the end is heartwarming.


Well, I’m actually not the biggest fan of the film, I’ve watched the first one countless times, even the second one I’ve now seen a few times, the kids love it, all three have watched it, especially Tigger and Piglet who over the years constantly choose it, This animated superhero-style film takes a different look at superheroes and having a superhero family, for some its one of there favourite animated film.

Big Hero 6

Another superhero film? well kind of, its a very different Pixar film and is perhaps another one that goes under the radar for many, its a good film and with most Pixar films and underlying story, Hiro loses his brother as with most Pixar and Disney films there’s a family death, but his brother’s robot Baymax helps him in his grief and what happened.


I imagine for some this list would be different, over the last 20+ years Pixar films have been some of the best-animated films and ones we hold dear, and with there influence now is Animated Disney films we see much improvement in their films, and let’s remember Pixar were the forefront of the changes in Animated films and we respect that, and their films still hold up and no doubt will for many years.

Some alternative films that could be in my list.

Inside out | An imaginative film

Good Dinosaur | A nice story around some dinos

Finding Nemo | Is probably on my list instead of Incredibles

Cars | it’s ok, I’ve just never been a huge fan, and I’ve watched it countless times with the kids as they love it.

Coco | This is a really good film, well worth a watch if you havent scene it.


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