Weekly Family meals

We all have busy lives in the house, Boo and I work, here there and everywhere. The 3 kids are at 3 different schools and Roo being in high school, has a very active social life, but we love Family Meals.

family meals

For a long time we would all have had dinner and tea and different times, sometimes kids would eat together. Then boo and I would eat later or even separately. Same for Roo,  if she was back later then she would be eating separately aswell. 

Some family meals

But a short while ago Boo and I decided to make a point of having at least one family meal a week. Boo had this dream of the future, of having the kids come home where ever they are, for a “Friday Night Dinner” (like the program but not as chaotic). But for now, it was Sunday afternoon /evening. 

I agreed and My input in this was I wanted to make it special. Theme the nights was my thinking, we love roasts so that was an easy one and to be honest it’s our “go-to” if I get stuck on what to have for family nights. Tigger is a Fussy Eater so I have to take this into consideration, even with a roast I’m essentially making crispy potato’s, chicken nuggets or big versions of them if I have it, and he will manage one or two Yorkshire puddings. 

Homemade Takeways

We’ve tried homemade Chinese, pizza nights,  burger nights, fish and chips nights, takeaway replication but homemade style, all sorts. Actually, we have been able to do most of this cheaper than if we had bought it from the takeaways etc. Plus Roo has been able to help me and prep the table, with her age, she’s getting to that point where she wants to be more involved in cooking. 


I enjoy doing all of the cooking for these meals and it really is nice sitting down as a family together, taking the time out of our busy lives to spend that time together, and if we can make it fun we will. Hopefully, this will continue for years and years and with Tigger a chance to try new things like the other two. For myself, it’s now a challenge to continue my own Food education, not only for my skills but to help the kids try the new things and expand there taste buds


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