Lego 76956 T-Rex Breakout

Lego 76956, T-Rex Breakout is the first of a different range of Jurrasic world/ Park sets based on a scene with a stand, it contains 1212 pieces and includes 4 minifigures exclusive to this set, with two vehicles and the big T-Rex, its RRP is £89.99.

lego 76956

Lego 76956 T-Rex Breakout

Being big fans of Jurassic Park etc we were eagerly excited to see this set, especially as it was one of the more recognisable scenes of the film. Lego has tried a couple of sets in this film stand idea, it’s not a Lego Ideas range, or an expert/creator set, but it’s a scene, something they do quite often but not presented this way. I actually think this is a good thing with Lego perhaps understanding not every set is a playable toy, some people want to display the scene, so hopefully, this continues with Star Wars another Genre that has recently got something similar.

Alan Grant

Dr Grant sporting the iconic blue shirt with tan pants, I actually would have preferred his clothes a bit messy based on the other characters due to what happens in the scene, his face is on one side with a simple expression, however, he does have two options with the hair, his basic and the hat. He also has a flare as an accessory to complete the look.

Ian Malcolm

Ian is in his exclusive and one of the most iconic and well know outfits in any of the Jurrasic films, the black style shirt and trousers with a visible warn and ripped print which is much better than Alan’s, he though have two sided face like alan, a shocked and his normal chatty expression. He also has a flare white the head flowing black hair pieces complete it.

Lex Murphy

She is wearing a brighter pink top than in the film but that’s fine, however, he clothes are messy with mud, which is a very good touch showing the escape from the rex on the car, she has a two sided face with a happy and then worried, her hair is fine a long ponytail with a solid colour that blends with the mud.

Tim Murphy

Tim like his sister is also sporting clothes covered in mud, his light blue and tan pants look good with that mud covered. He also has a duel expression in the form of happy and worried, he has a more solid hair effect with mud on it, I’m not loving it buts it’s fine. However, what is good is that the set has two of the futuristic goggles with night vision, both characters try them but Tim is more synonymous with them.


Recently we’ve seen a wave of moulded dinosaurs out there in a variety of sets but the T-Rex tends to be built with pieces, both at the gate set and this one. The colours are brown, cream and light brown with a touch of orange and grey, and to be fair the build is all about pieces apon pieces with the tail done the traditional way. I’ve found the Rex a little bit unstable during and at the end with the lock joints for my build not feeling really that secure.

The Scene

The platform as you would expect is actually a large part of the build, as you make the supports for vehicles and the rex while creating the display base and having the broken cables behind. The black trim around the edge is nice, while the brown mud colour plates set the foundation, the railing for the two Ford cars is excellent, the broken cables with electrical signs and plenty of foliage all make this extremely distinctive set, there’s no doubt what it is and what’s happening with the set, the little details like the goat chain for feeding is just excellent.

The little details continue as we head to the cars, there are two with one in half face down showing how it’s been squashed and in the mud, especially if you place the rex on top in the final display. This is terrific and such a good idea, while the whole car is still intact from behind is a great representation of the Ford car, inside a little detail like water cups and torch that would have also been present in the destroyed car as per the film.


It’s tough for me to be not happy with the set, and for the most part, it is a great set and captures the scene brilliantly. Price wise it’s pretty standard now and even though there’s not much when you look at it for pieces, it’s fine at £89.99. The Minifigure selection is good with an odd Alan duel expression missing, but that’s nothing to be worried about, personally, the Lawer should have been here, as he was the 5 character in the scene and that is a little disappointing.

But the Figures are good as is the Rex, overall he is but for me, it just didn’t feel that stable in my build, he could have been a touch bigger for ratio but I’m splitting hairs. The platform and scene though look good and i love the vehicles and the way they have done it, and the sets go and the scene of the film it’s done really well, much better than a previous couple of different sets from the film.

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