Diary of our COVID 19 Lockdown | November 2021

Last year in March I decided to do a Lockdown Diary, these were weekly but with the return to a bit more normality, kids back to school everything starting to open, I moved it to Monthly, and with us still, in and out of Lockdown each month was continuing through our journeys. It was November 2021 and historically November is one of our busiest months with all 3 kids birthdays happening, let alone Christmas around the corner.

Lockdown Diary November 21

The month ends is Uncertancy

Let’s be honest though, the month has shown some uncertainty with Lockdown and Covid, and as we got to the end of the month the new Omicron variant adds on top to our potential issues, we had planned a couple of things going into December so the news of it all going a little backwards right at the end of the month was a little frustrating and disappointing, how this would affect Xmas etc is now completely up in the air.

But that aside it was still a busy month, Boo’s blog work ofcorse is busier this time of year as well as myself adding more Christmas style content. With us both trying to squeeze in as much as we can before we take a little break in December for Christmas.

Birthdays Galore

But ultimately the month was all about Birthdays, for me, unfortunately, I was at work for each of the kids actual birthdays so I had to spend time with them when I could. It was a little frustrating but as we have changed our working week not so long ago it was just one of those things, and being off for all three meant that they were equally disappointed lol.

For their actual birthdays, we didn’t do our normal big celebrations or something, historically especially with Tigger and Roo having a birthday so close, we combine and do something fairly big, Or one of the children has a party type thing with friends etc, but like last year this year was obviously tough to do.

A present opening, cake and takeaway were about as much as we could o this year for money, time available, and obvious restrictions, so we still tried for them to have fun but the kids are good, they just got on with it and enjoyed the days, let’s be honest kids love the presents the most anyway.

But for the rest of the month it was carrying on like normal, Halloween was over, Christmas was around the corner, last-minute birthday presents were bought, with then more planning for what’s happening at Christmas.

Roo was in the school show which because of her knee issue over the summer meant that she hadn’t really gotten involved and missed all of the early planning, however fast forward she was in doing a minor role but it still meant she had t learn all the dances and songs etc. The school goes all in on their productions and make a big deal about it, it also meant a lot of time was scheduled for it and thus Roo’s days suddenly become a lot longer and you could see she is getting tired and trying to balance it all.

We managed to squeeze in a cinema trip with Roo and Tigger, it’s still one of the best things we like to do and being big marvel fans we needed to see Eternals. However, while we were there the hype for spiderman, especially for me and Tigger was in full gear!

Roll on December

However next month was December, and with it being our usual business and the uncertainty kicking around Covid it was a full-on month. However it was Christmas and this will be a big month with it being our favourite time of year, lets hope it was a great Christmas.


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