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Spider-Man | Why we love it

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Spider-man and why we love it? , Within the Universe of Marvel, there’s no doubt many of us have our own favourites when it comes to many of their characters and stories. In our household, it’s arguably Spiderman, from when I was little all the way to now the kids being grown-up and enjoying it themselves, but why?



In reality, we all have favourites, and many of the other characters are ones that we still enjoy, and to be honest with both of the MCU many people will have been introduced to new characters they had never seen before, or stories and events that they didn’t know happened. Of course, Avengers movies will be great and are kind of a cheat with choosing characters or films they love, and I will hold my hand up and say my opinions of characters and stories have changed since the MCU creation.

With Spiderman it’s a much more messy situation, like Fox before with certain characters, they own Spiderman, so having him involved in Disney’s Marvel MCU has been in some way tricky. Which is a shame and probably won’t be around forever unless Disney does something about the character. But I don’t think it has stopped anyone from appreciating Spiderman, from the comics, Films, and modern-day films it’s been a continued success.

The cartoons and comics

The animated series back in the 90s like Xmen are what many people hold dear in the lore of Spiderman, and of course, many of these storylines come from comics in which Spiderman is one of the more popular ones there’s ever been. A comic and franchise that has had crossovers and introduced many characters to go on to bigger and better things.

For me, I can’t stress how much the Animated series back in the ’90s influenced my love of Spiderman, and over the last few years, you can see it again with Tigger and his generation, as cartoons continue to help introduce many to the lore.

The Films began

Now as you are aware, and I’ve detailed in a Marvel post on my site, Marvel films were not always great, or very successful, Marvel themselves struggled thus why they sold the license at the time to Spiderman among others.

With their failures came two big film franchises that turned the corner a little, Xmen and Spiderman, these two were both very successful and introduced a whole other generation to Spiderman, on the big screen. the Tobey Maguire trilogy will go down as much-loved films, even though the third was terrible and annoyed many fans. However the first two were excellent for what they were, and for Superhero films were arguably groundbreaking, as X-Men was a bit up and down, Spiderman was not (until the third).

It’s amazing

But again going back these films are still heavily watched and well-loved, however with Sony’s deal to keep releasing Spiderman or they could lose the franchise we were back again with amazing Spiderman! This time Andrew Garfield took centre stage and tried to tell a slightly different story, more from the Amazing Comic series.

The first was good, most people would agree, it made a good start in the series but with the second it kind of fell off the rails again, it didn’t seem to have the same connection with the audience to the characters as the first trilogy did. however, in 2022 with Spiderman No way home (more to come) the love of those two films has grown more, with people perhaps appreciating them a little more than they did then.

A Spiderverse is born

But with both Spiderman and Amazing Spiderman films doing well, enter to unique series turners, Spiderman into the Spiderverse was a massive left-field step, with a story of Miles Morales, and entwined the different dimensions (now called multiverse) in which many of old Comic and Cartoons dabbled in.

But then it was done and the characters and story were very different and felt more modern, even though it was animated for many its the best Spiderman telling of any genre, with the second one coming down the line and the cry for Miles to enter the MCU, the future is bright for this part of the story being told.

Enter MCU and Tom Holland

As I mentioned earlier Sony and the Disney MCU was a tricky situation, and even after the initial cross Sony still tried to pull the plug after its success with two big companies at a standstill, but as we move on in this fragile relationship there’s no doubt that Tom Holland’s Spiderman is arguably the most famous and possibly favourite of all spidermen. Its films have all done very well and arguably got better each time, and it began in an odd way with him introduced in Captain America 3, civil war by Tony Stark.

The film Homecoming, a tongue-in-cheek name of it being part of the MCU and Marvel for the first time in many years, saw not the normal origin story and characters, no token Oswald and Goblin story, no MJ, no uncle ben, no normal characters to be honest. It was trusted back with this is what’s happening…. story. However Vulture was here and hadn’t been done in Films before, and by the end, we saw an MJ, kind of, and this was all set around the MCU touching other stores, the sequel was hugely to do with the MCU which helped its own story.

However Spiderman No Way Home, was two things, gone a full circle story esc arc while also being a Spiderman Story reset, (no spoilers). As you are aware by now that all three Spidermans from the cinematic world were here telling the story, and many including me will argue this is the best Marvel film outside of Infinity Wars and End Game, which again is a little cheat because it has many films and characters combined. but this film is the best Spiderman film ever, and arguably the best MCU film and would take some doing to combat.

Which one do we prefer?

In our house we all have our favourites, for Roo being a teenage girl loves the Tom Holland film (obviously), while I appreciate the Toby Maguire version a lot even though the third one was off, the Tom Holland ones have been very good. As for Tigger, he likes them all and actually likes the amazing Spiderman more than the rest of us, and after Andrew Garfield’s performance, his arc could do with the MCU touch.

But there’s no doubt we love it, the characters, the story, the animated series, the MCU films, the classic films, the Spiderverse animation, whatever, all of Spiderman is good and I’m so pleased that it has kept its popularity through the generations, and you can see the love with Merch, and popularity of the most recent films. It’s one of those things that have carried from my childhood all the way to now.

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