Diary From A Dad | January 2022

As each month goes by My Diary from a Dad looks at what’s happening with our little family, through all the adventures, challenges and obstacles that come to our lives. As a family of 5, with 3 children at different ages every day, week and month can offer something different. It was January 2022!!! a new month a new year! and after the last couple of let’s say interesting years…what would 2022 bring? well, how did January kick us off?

Theres still Covid

Obviously, Covid and Lockdowns were still at the forefront for most people and this month was no different, we saw the increased Omicron threat, we saw everything get tight again, and then all get relaxed again? as the country pretty much said “we just going to live with now and get on with it” whether you agree or not that seems to be where the county is going.

There’s still plenty of rules in certain places but it’s a lot more relaxed than what it was, of course based on the last two years who knows how long this will last.

After an ok Christmas, it was time to get back to some normality, the kids were all back at school and in reality, for them, the month has pretty much been that. They went back on the 3rd though Roo had a staggering return once again, a delay, then Covid tests, then finally the day she can go back.

I get it but a little annoying again and for her a mess around. Roo, however, managed to have her second COVID jab, after I felt terrible from mine, both Boo and Roo has a different one to my Modena and other than a saw arm, they were ok.

Goal setting

January is normally for many a productive and goal setting month, we haven’t exactly been that but there are a few goals in mind and a couple of decisions,. this year is going to be a tight one as we reset our finances, it’s going to be a long year and a little rough but we are planning for the future. As for Boo she is very busy with balancing three blogs/social media platforms, including her latest one all about books, something she loves to do.

My Blog etc is getting a little tweaked as I organise it a little more and put a little more structure and professionalism to it, generally I like to blog and write about things that I like or come up with in our family life, this won’t change but I am approaching every like other bloggers and social media influencers. Often it’s my ramblings and opinions, and over the last 12-18 months I’ve certainly slowed down and been less enthused due to the obvious reasons of what’s happening in the world, being a key worker got me down abit.

Broke my fricking toe!

But with all the positivity of improving my blog and our goals this with financial and plans with the kids…I decided to throw a curveball and break my toe! I’m nearly 40 and have never broken a bone but one night after work, watched a bit of the telly, decided to get to bed, turned straight into my coffee table and smacked it with my foot! thus the little toe was broken.

Now I didn’t know this a the time but it was the worst pain I have had so far so I know something was wrong, and when looking at the toe, it had swollen and looked like it had turned, at that point, I thought I better go to A&E, this now being 12 am at night, I spent the whole night there with no sleep.

I spent the next two weeks resting before I returned to work, thankfully my kids were very helpful and great kids to support us. However, Boo did a wonderful job looking after me and picking up the slack around the house while I was restricted, even now it’s sore but being the little toe it gets touched a lot more.

Obviously, I’m fearful of touching it, and every time I walk you naturally put pressure on, I didn’t realise how much a little toe affects your walk, my balance is completely off even though it’s strapped it’s still getting in touch. If it had been a middle one it would be a little bit more protected but this wasn’t.

Its February next!

February is next, what will happen? with things looking to be getting back to normal, and the country moving that way, we were hoping for more normality, both in lives and work amount. But hey there’s always valentine’s day and Pancake day! so who knows, we are eating my healthy and have food plans, but more about that next month…


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