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Dairy and Yeast Intolerant! But I Love Cake, Cheese and Milk?

A while ago I and Boo did an Intolerant and Allergy test, I’ve struggled for a while with a variety of things and was first alerted to something odd. Whenever I ate I sneezed, which was generally funny for others and myself at times but I didn’t really understand why. I would also feel bloated after certain meals but I’ve never been a thing guy, so in reality, i put it down to being slightly bigger (lol).

The Test

So as I said based on those reasons and Boo’s opportunity we did it after a blood test and a few weeks go by we got a document with the results. It listed all the things that I was intolerant or allergic too, as it was marked next to the massive selection of food groups.

Obvious ones like Dairy, Gluten, Fish, etc… and more unusual ones that I wouldn’t have thought of like Beetroot, Nettle etc. Luckily it came back with no allergies hooray! but it did flag a couple of foods that I was concerned about. Dairy and Yeast, (and nettle but I don’t have Nettle in anything I eat).

My Lifestyle

Thinking back I did seem to sneeze more with ice cream and Cream, we played a game trying to eliminate foods at several restaurants and meals at home and we had a feeling about it, I even changed my Milk a few years ago from semi skim to Skimmed milk to try to reduce it. But Finding out that i’m intolerant to Dairy in retrospect was no surprise and made me immediately change my milk entirely, I experimented with almond, Oat and Soy.

After the initial trial, I noticed that within my current weight plan I was actually putting on weight slightly, as it seemed these milks were fattier etc…so then went to Lite and unsweetened version, and over time I’ve reduced it down to just Soy. I’m not thrilled by that taste and in reality, I’ve changed how much milk over the corse of the week I have. I’ve drastically reduced the amount to a tiny bit within my Nespresso coffee.

Yeast was a surprise, through the years I’ve not been a big fan with chocolate and my taste for sweets has reduced drastically as I’ve cut down sugar as I’ve gotten older. BUT I’m a big fan of biscuits, and with my family, I enjoy the cake.

With no sugar these days I realise it’s a bit hit and miss now as some are quite sweet, another thing I’ve sacrificed over the years that ruined something I like lol. But I really like biscuits and cakes, my love for cheese might even eclipse these, I could have cheese with every meal if I had the choice.

Dairy and Yeast

Between these two food groups it eliminates so much of the food I used to like, Dairy and Yeast are in loads but I had to make a change. Since then other than the slight weight issue with the choice of milk etc, I have felt loads better. cutting out bread is the one big thing I’ve noticed, I don’t feel bloated at all, and the minute I’ve slipped to eat something with yeast I straight away feel bloated and horrible.

Same with dairy, I’m not that guy that demands there to be Soy versions etc. so if I have cream for example or ice cream I still almost straight away sneeze. But overall I have reduced this and this is a rare and special occasion, and based on how I feel afterwards I’m really reducing how it has it, Boo also being intolerant to Yeast has helped with the intake of cakes in the house, though the kids love them. I do still treat them, and I am still having biscuits as long as there is not yeast, Dairy, or low sugar (ish).

The Future

Don’t get me wrong, I am lucky not to be allergic to these and other things, I realise that people struggle to with allergies and have changed their diet completely or are unable to have some foods at all. For others, its a choice of what they want to eat for health or morales reasons, and what I have written has nothing to do with any of that, it’s just my choices. As I’ve got older and with kids I want to protect my health far better and look after what I eat, if reducing and changing based on this advice works, and I feel much better, then it’s worth it.

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