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Geek Gear is a website that provides many different pop culture items that you can buy, it also features different mystery boxes which features those pop culture brands like Harry Potter, Marvel, Disney, Rick and Morty, Nintendo etc, however, they have gone far more into Harry Potter and the wizarding world and this was one of their Mystery Magic Wearable bundles, featuring 10 T-shirts.

We have enjoyed Mystery boxes from Geek Gear in the past and we have had those different style boxes, but I have noticed they have gone far more into the Wizarding World, which isn’t a problem if you are a Harry Potter fan, as of now their range is very strong for Harry Potter and the Wizarding world, this should fill your needs. As for this box, we went for something different a wearable box, this box even though a magical theme, (that means Harry Potter) were still a mystery to what ones you would receive, the Price was £30 for 10 Tees, which is actually on paper a very good price, let’s be honest a T-Shirt for £30 is very cheap in any company, we opted for Tigger who does like Harry Potter but also needed some Tee’s going into Summer.

Unpacking the shirts and looking at the designs most of the base colors were black, with only one in this box being white, obviously I’m not sure how much variety there are in the base colours but I’m assuming most of them black, this isn’t a bad thing as most of the time it will go with what your wearing and for many of the designs it worked very well, two in the box were long-sleeved which was a nice bit of variation, the rest were all short-sleeved.

With the quality of shirts I would say its fine, it what you expect from a Tee, fine when you first wash it but obviously they feel would deteriorate, I’ll be honest, with the sizes of the shirts they seem t slight differ from the fit, I would say they were a different size altogether but they certainly seemed a little different on each shirt. This is something well worth taking into consideration on sizes, especially if your buying for kids as you may want them to last abut longer, and as you will have had 10 in the box they should stager a while so depending on the child maybe look at a size up or something, as for Tigger he’s is very thin and generally can get away with sizes no real issues for him.


I could go into details with each design and how they are but in reality, a picture tells a story, so across this post, you will see all 10, however, I think most of them are pretty good, personally, I like them more simple design or the slightly more evil but I know Tigger liked some of the most colorful ones. Overall it is a good box, the value for money is good and if your wanting to bulk out your wardrobe it’s fine, however, if your a Hary Potter fan then actually this is very good, and with the variety of characters and references in this box it’s well worth the purchase.

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