Diary From A Dad | May 2024

Diary From a Dad, I look at what happened in our family life as each month goes by, with School, Work, outings, and general family life many challenges face us, but how do we get through the month and what happens? With Half term at the end of the month and finally the weather improving..kind of…it was a month of normality and surprisingly gardening.


The Weather…

Let’s do the British thing…the weather was annoying, this year has been unpredictable with no snow when they said, rain, cold randomly hot for two weeks, windy, storms, thunderstorms etc. in such a short space of time we have had everything. I’m not normally one to moan and I’m glad it’s not been that hot or that much snow, I like the mid-weather but this year has been tough in trying to organise anything, attend events, or outings with kids.

As I’ve mentioned before this house has a different garden layout to what we have had before, we didn’t want to spend a lot on improving the garden, especially this year. But there were some bits we would start to tweak, frustratingly the time I allowed for this meant the weather was rubbish, this hampered my efforts for much of the month and even during half-term week it was rubbish. But Tigger and I managed to cut the grass, put a border in and two flower beds, there’s more to be done with two sections in front of windows in front of the house, but we can look at next month.

Half Term time

With Half term at the end of the month covering into June, as I mentioned it was rubbish weather, the girls headed into London for a day out combined with a Superdrug Event, lots of stuff that they like and talk about… not something Me and Tigger were that fussed about. Half term through challengers out as it rained almost every day so cinema trips were back on the agenda, a rip with the younger two to watch Garfield 2..not great…while Tigger and I watched Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes, which was good.


A trip earlier in the month to Great Yarmouth Racecourse was something different, in the racing world, Great Yarmouth is one of the courses around the country that has regular racing and is featured in the betting and tv circuit. We do not really go to this so it was a nice change for the kids to see something different, love it or hate it, this was a new experience for them, the girls did well at guessing winners…the boys did not.

Eurovision time!

It was Eurovision month and as ever we sat to watch it, It has always been a big thing for us, we get a takeaway and watch the event, Roo has now joined us for the last few years as it has become a family event, Tigger isn’t quite there yet if he ever will be. As for our entry? not the best… a bit too in your face for Europe it seems.

As we head into next month, the end of the half term was here, while we were on the countdown to the summer holidays! June would also see Father’s day and potentially other days out.


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