Monkeypox, COVID Fears… How Do You Stay Safe On Holiday?

Monkeypox, COVID Fears… How Do You Stay Safe On Holiday?, Are you in the process of planning your summer trip? While times are still uncertain, you can’t let fear influence your decisions. Going on a family holiday is a much-deserved break after a long year! For your kids, it is the perfect opportunity to recharge their batteries before the new school year in September. But adults can also benefit from the break to relax and build new memories with the family.

Stay Safe

Stay Safe

Did you know that two-thirds of your interactions with your children occur during the day-to-day routine? And let’s be honest, we all want to leave more meaningful memories than pouring cereals in a bowl around the breakfast table. 

However, as much as you don’t want fear to affect your trip, you also need to be realistic. Fear is a response to real risks. The risk of catching monkeypox or COVID during your break is never completely null. But what can you do to minimise risks and put your worries to sleep?

Control your accommodation

Hotels and summer villas undergo strict sanitising and cleaning processes. So, you are unlikely to find germs in your room. But, if your loved ones are anxious about it, it may be easier to find a solution that puts you in charge of the accommodation, such as finding a cheap caravan for sale. Caravanning will require some preparation, and investing in all the essential gear, including a hob and beddings. But it is a self-enclosed room you can take with you wherever you’re going. 

Research each location

Are you planning to travel far or even abroad? It can be helpful to consider the different areas and where the risks are likely to be the smallest. You can research live health maps to monitor the evolution of diseases. 

As of today, cases for COVID and Monkeypox remain limited. 

Additionally, viruses in 2022 have been shown to cause fewer to no fatalities. 

Another health concern you need to check if you are travelling far is whether the country requires specific vaccination or a COVID pass.

Compare hotels and rentals

Professionals in the tourism sector appreciate that the pandemic has forever disrupted travel plans and comfort. They understand that more and more families will need reassurance before booking their holiday accommodation. 

Therefore, you’ll find those hotel managers or holiday rental landlords are open to discussing with you their sanitising and health regulations. Do not hesitate to get in touch if it can put your mind at ease. 

Public transport will require protection

Can you fly without wearing a mask? Many airlines have already announced that wearing masks will not be made mandatory anymore. However, you want to consider the risks:

  • Face masks can protect you from other airborne contaminants in a plane
  • Not all airlines are relaxing their mask policies
  • Some countries need specific health tests or tracking requirements

Different policies and attitudes toward face masks can spread increased exposure to health risks. So, if your family is anxious about germs, maintaining face mask wear on public transport, regardless of policies, could help reduce anxiety as much as exposure! 

Realistically, health risks are not on the rise anymore. Yet, it is fair to say that the pandemic has affected everyone’s expectations. Understandably, your family may be worried about travelling for the holiday break. So, hopefully, these few tips can help you relax and prepare in peace.

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