Diary of our COVID 19 Lockdown | December 2020

In March I decided to do a Lockdown Diary, these were weekly but with the return to a bit more normality, kids back to school everything starting to open, I moved it to Monthly ones as we were still a while away from it being over, It was December! normally it’s my favourite time of ear but let’s be honest this year was different.

My Favourite month?

As December began we were coming out of National Lockdown, but as everyone’s aware this month was up and down, luckily for us where we live was Tier 2, which meant we were still restricted but nowhere near what other people have had to deal with. However by the end of the month we were Tier 4 starting boxing day which was a shame for many.

With School ending this month the kids were counting down to the school to be over for Xmas, a long way from earlier in the year when they were wanting to go back, but it did ad some normality to our lives, as like previous month we had been in a rhythm in this new day to day situation and going into Xmas time was a lot of confusion and questions.

As for me, I was working, I still was balancing work and blogging and kids, but in reality, this month I had put blogging to the back, I was doing the minimum that I need to but unlike many others who are stuck at home doing all sorts to their blog etc, having lots of time chilling etc I was struggling to balance the time and with it being Xmas I thought to myself I needed to recharge a little and spend more time with the kids etc.

Even the pictures here are just memories over the month with no relation to the article, just some memories. I’m not annoyed at people staying at home and for some, they have enjoyed the time, and for others, they have had lots of time on their hands but it’s been difficult to share pics, showing the family time when we are busy.

To add to this Boo has begun to work as a secondary job, I actually think long term its good for her to have a second job and gets her back out in the world, as a parent you do need that time away from the house and kids every so often, and its been very limited for her for years, especially in our situation of having practically no support, time away has been rare. 

We like others need the money in a difficult year and with this year coming it doesn’t look like its getting any easier.  So between our jobs, Blogging and the kids are all shared as we try to balance everything, a lot of time management and struggles but hopefully we will be ok.

Christmas time

But Christmas was the biggest thing of the month, I did my normal Christmas review separately, so I will only briefly talk about it, but let’s be honest this year was a different one, and I really struggled to get into the spirit of it all, think back I didn’t even wear a Christmas jumper once, which for those who know me is shocking lol, I tried to get int the spirit and was nice with the kids but with everything that’s happened and happening still for many reasons I’m just not in that mood, it was still ok but really it was muted.

New year…

With January approaching, vaccination being rolled out, essentially the country on lockdown, a new strain of Covid, a lot of uncertainty, what will 2021 bring…Who knows, last year I started with a lot of optimism, this year I’m the reverse.


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