My Top 5 Lego sets | 2020

As another year goes by and another year of many many Lego sets being released crossed all sorts of series, category, franchises, I took another look at what I thought was my favourite set of the year. In a complicated year, we saw returns, new franchises and some new look concepts and box designs.

Much like my previous lists I would be looking at sets that have come out in 2020, there are many sets that came out before that are still available in shops and online, and some of these are fantastic but this is just about the ones released this year, id also be discounting the ultra big sets, those ones that are well over £200-£500 etc, as these are no doubt good and some of the best but also a little unfair in comparison to those small sets lol, there are so many Lego sets now spread across multiple franchises so, in reality, everyone will have a different top 5, this is just mine from what I’ve either seen or built.

Lego 10270 Creator Bookshop

One of the more expensive sets in this limit is the latest set in the Creator Module Sets, at £149.99 and 2504 pieces is often one of the better value for money pieces in sets, but these have a following and I’m one of those that get them, its nice some of the sets with a little difference, but I like these ones that fit onto a street and shows different buildings but with in the same designs, these are great and there’s always lots of little flair and detail that you can find these in the sets.

Lego 75292 The Razor Crest

Now there are few Star Wars sets released every year that’s very good, though everyone has an opinion and many can be remakes or redesigns, but this ship was met with huge popularity more so because of the series and Baby Yoda than anything, though the ship is different and perhaps it’s not the greatest build ever and a little bit of a fad at the moment, and I actually think it will be redone in the near future, the ship is still good, the £119.99 is pretty standard in Starwars sets, with 1000+pieces its ok, but these days we expect it from Starwars, its already hard to get hold of, so if you have it already lucky you.

Lego 75969 The Hogwarts Astronomy Tower

Harry Potter sets much like star wars are mainly good but also has a split in opinions, each year they are slowly ticking offsets and buildings, and in year wit the Diagon Alley taking centre stage and rightfully so, this latest addition to the Hogwarts castle with 971 pieces at £89.99 was good, probably the best in the series though I do like the Burrow, it could have been done better which keeps it second, but the Astronomy tower is more of the prettiest parts of the castle, I would have prefered a bigger garden or done separately.

Lego 71369 Bowser’s Castle Boss Battle

I really liked the NES console and its great to see the Lego partnership with Nintendo, but its price means it doesn’t make the list, and with their partnership with them saw Mario, of course, take centre stage, though you could argue not one set would make it the best of the year, the whole collection and making a very different concept in joining together and making a game, deserves celebration, this Bowser boss battle is one of the best sets for Mario, but for me there’s, even more, to come no they found their grove.

Lego 80105 Chinese New Year Temple Fair

There were some cool additions this year focused around China and Asia, and these have been very well received, the Monkey series, for example, is excellent, though not for me I can understand how good it is and the reason why for many they have been thrilled, but I like these creator style sets, so the Chinese Temple Fair is more for me, I love the design and its great to see the Chinese design making it more mainstream other than just Ninjago, this would be a good addition and it’s not that expensive at £89.99 and 1664 pieces, though you might now find it tough to get and at a higher price.


There are many sets this year that I liked, I didn’t think much of the Lego friends or City Ranges this year, and I wasn’t thrilled by the Lego Ideas range as well which would normally be my purchases, let alone the Art stuff that doesn’t take my fancy, but some of these sets are my favourites for a while, it been an odd year and for me, it been an odd year for Lego as well, more sets than ever and it feels a little spread out, but on the flip, that means there’s something for everyone, and no doubt someone else Top 5 is nothing like this.

Other Sets That Nearly made the list

71705 Destiny’s Bounty, the first time around it was good and was a must buy, let alone this one.

75277 Boba Fett, I love Boba Fett, but this year saw a rise in Art and Busts, this is probably my favourite over Ironman

75941 Indominus Rex vs Ankylosaurus, I wish I had all my Jurrasic World sets from the past, they keep releasing sets and they are all really good.

75980 Attack on the Burrow, as I mentioned earlier was a good set, it could be tweaked a little better and would have been on my list, but still, it’s different.

76161 Batwing 1989, it’s pretty cool, as a batman fan its great to see and build, I especially love that people have hung it with lights opposed to using a stand, awesome.


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