Lego 76167 Ironman Armoury

Lego 76167 Ironman Armory is one of those rare sets that is more of an expansion to the previous set 76125 Ironman Hall of Armory, in which the bays and Ironman suits were showcased in a miniature style Ironman area, as it had nothing to do with the Avengers film that the sets belonged to, however, this smaller set adds more detail to that, consisting of 258 pieces and 5 mini-figures, it retails at £24.99.

The Avengers series sets and have been at times underwhelming, and even though I liked this set it was odd in the range of sets that came out for Endgame, however, it gained a following as it made people there Ironman collection, and to be honest, we have a few over the years, so Tigger and I were pleased that this came out and jumped at it.

Tony Stark

This a more natural version of Tony stark though he has a double-sided face with a heads up display, personally I like the plainclothes etc, which is actually true to the films where he often wears simple clothes when he’s in ironman at home mode, and I would use the plain face for me, the hair is his traditional style whereas the simple blue and grey torso and legs as I said to look great.

Ironman Mark 2

This silver version comes from the first film and is pre-paint but looks fantastic, the point of this and the other set is to collect different Ironman suits, so this is a great addition, this has a moulded headpiece which is different to the traditional Iron man helmet, this could be a worrying sign for the future of Ironman as they are great with the removal face.

Ironman Hexagon Prototype with Repulser Pack

It’s a long title but I’m struggling to see this Ironman suit, and jo doubt there is a definitive answer out there but as we know Tony Stark made many Suits, so one of these will have fit this bill, however, things that we do know… the suit is hexagon reactor design, the level of detail is immense and one of the most I ever have seen, he has that moulded helmet which is a shame but he does come with Repulsers, a smaller version of the ones from the Thanos battle and thus set, perhaps showing this is the original version to them etc.

AIM Agents

Suddenly they are becoming more popular in sets, not really in the MCU set versions but the other Marvel Superheroes sub-range, which does through this set into a weird mix, but anyway they are like many of the others with the yellow and grey design with black trim, same with the guns just a black generic and yellow stud.

Armoury bays

When the original set came out it made many collectors build a bigger version of the Hall, with many of these and all the Ironman suits they have or went to buy, all four are made the same way and will just simply clip on, there snot much to them and perhaps not the most exciting build, especially if you did the first.

The Grey, silver bays with a translucent blue screen carries the theme, stickers attach to show more detail, and each one has a roof with a grey barrier, they can be clipped on in any order and thus attached to the hold. Like the previous set there are some accessories present, a hanging blue screen, Fire extinguisher and tool bay, however, the 3D printer with a micro-figure is an excellent addition to this and the other set, there’s also a little Tony Toys box with Burger.

Hot Rod

The point of these sets is to have that feel of the Tony Starks workshop, with all the ironman Armors, and in the film history of Ironman the Hot rood is as part of it as most, they could have done far more detail and made it look lovely, but they didn’t, it still looks fine and captures the essence of the car with the colours and designs, it does very like basic Lego city car but again its fine more elaborate would have been more pieces and more money, so people would have not wanted this for an expansion price.


£24.99 is too much, let’s get that out of the way, people will want this to expand their Armor and that feels like little prices that for a non-Ironman fan, a boring set, but for those that are like Tigger and I, we are fine with it, the suits look good, the hod rod looks good, even the 3D printer and micro is great, the addition of two AIM villans is wrong, lego tend to always make at least one mistake in these DC, Marvel or star wars sets, there’s always one that you go really? and it’s this.

This set is all about the Bays and Suits, so why to add Aim soldiers, there is no place for them here, more Ironman suits would have been 10 times better, there’s still a host not done yet and makes much more sense, its a shame they missed the opportunity to make a very good set and welcomed addition.


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