Diary of our COVID 19 Lockdown | June 2021

Last year in March 2021 I decided to do a Lockdown Diary, these were weekly but with the return to a bit more normality, kids back to school everything starting to open, I moved it to Monthly, and with us still in Lockdown each month was continuing through our journeys. It was June! there was optimism with the more relaxing and an end date in sight, we were planning the rest f the year and football was around the corner.

Lockdown Diary

With all that being said needless to say the month didn’t happen like that at all, firstly as we all know the final relaxation was delayed, it got put back to July which for many was a huge disappointment but in reality, the numbers did suggest perhaps it was a little too early, and going into July it’s still terrible numbers and slightly justifies the reason. So where did we go from there? Well many events we had planned got sidetracked and took the wind out of the sails along with Roo.

Injured Roo

At the end of May, I talked about Roo being ill and they weren’t completely sure why, constantly sick with any food and stomach problems meant we were in Hospital a few times and this carried on into June, Finally tough this seemed to stop we were still unsure but it did, HOWEVER within days arguably hours Roo hurt her knee while doing a performance on the grass, why the teacher thought this was good to do on grass and not a smooth flat surface is beyond me.

After Crutches, Physio, MRI we still waiting to see the full extent of the damage, being a very active social girl this has had a major effect on her, and 3 weeks later you can see she getting down about it, and in reality, we have shelved a lot of our plans, for example going around a theme park would be super tough and we would feel guilty, let alone being slung round a ride.

As for the other two, the month was pretty straightforward, the weather was nice which allowed them to play, we had some film nights, and Tigger has even enjoyed his gaming, but because of everything that’s happened it was a bit low key for them, the kittens vs pickles lit up Piglets week, but I did feel a little guilty that we hadn’t been doing much, however, school was still busy for them and in a way they were still preoccupied. However with a muted fathers day again this year we still managed to spend some great family time together.

Boo had not long been working in her NHS job so we have still been getting into the rhythm and fitting in our work lives, with myself was trying to get back to more normality, we had set up a system and life just before Covid began where I was the man parent etc and Boo and I would share part-time jobs.

Over the last year-plus with us low on money I tried to pick up alot of shifts and that plan and layout had lost itself, and even though we always need money I needed to find that balance, so I spent most of the month trying to engineer my shifts and pattern to work around what we have, I think I’m just about there and with summer holidays coming it’s important I do.

Coming up

Going forward well, July might be over for the last remaining Covid easing…maybe, but with Roo still injured we are unsure how the summer will work out, and what we will be able to do or accomplish, but hey schools are nearly over! and its Football time!


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