Top 5 Valentine’s Films

What’s my Top 5 Valentine’s day films? Well, with some people staying in and watching movies, whether alone or with your partner, watching a film can be one of the night’s highlights. But with so much choice, what could you watch? for me, there are definitely a few on my list to watch at that time.


There are so many to choose from, I’ve looked at this list several times and added films and taken some out, below for my other films that could make the list has ones that I also constantly tweaked. Some films that I love like You’ve got mail, could be in it, Trainwreck another great comedy from com, but is it more of a comedy? would I watch these two on Valentine’s day? Even sleepless in Seattle is on the edge as it’s a bit more Christmasy than valentines. But ultimately its down to the person, for you and/or your partner, no doubt this list change a lot.

Dirty Dancing

This 1987 is probably one of the more recognisable films, Soundtracks and quotes going in this genre of movies. If you’re a certain age you have watched this at least once in your life, in our house its a regular viewing, especially around Valentine’s day, and it will always be remembered for Patrick Swayze

Wedding Date

One of the more unknown movies on this list sees the 2005 film starring Debra Messing almost a British-style Rom-Com, for me and Boo its one of our films… something that always stays close to my heart and will always be special. It makes my list for that, it may not be the best here but it holds a special place.

10 Things I hate about you

For my generation, this 1999 film was one of the best of that Teen flick era that boomed and happened in the late 90’searly 2000s, in reflection now it had a fantastic cast from Julia Styles to Larisa Oleynic, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt to of course Heath Ledger, which again for many will hold a special place as this was the film that brought him to the front and would propel him to future great roles before his sad death.

The Notebook

From 2004 the Film The Notebook has a little bit of a reputation and Is often referred to as a check flick film, romantic film etc… used in many conversations but that’s ultimately a compliment. There’s a reason for many that they watch it fairly regularly, it’s a good cast, and a good story with a tinge of sadness about it all by the end.

Notting Hill

There was a run of good British from com, as few detailed on here and whereas they are all good in their own way, I think this 1999 film classic has probably aged the best of them all, a great soundtrack, an awesome cast, and a different story sees it to still be a good film. I’ll be honest I hadn’t watched it for a little while and then randomly did one year, and we remembered how good it was, if you haven’t for a while it’s worth revisiting.

Other films that could make my list

27 Dressers
Definitely Maybe
Sweet Home Alabama
My Best Friends Wedding
Drive me Crazy
She’s all that
Four weddings and a Funeral
Bridget Jones Diary
Sleepless in Seatle


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