Kids Gardening

One of the best activities that you can introduce to children is gardening. Aside from exposing kids to nature’s beauty and wonder through such a hobby, you will also help them develop great skills like weeding, planting, cutting, watering, and even monitoring through a growth chart.


Children who engage in gardening will also learn plenty of values such as patience and hard work. Besides, your kids will surely enjoy the process of “getting dirty” on the ground and seeing the magic of growing plants from seeds right before their eyes.

Here are several easy and fun gardening activities for kids:

Plant a Seed Shape.

Ask the child to choose a shape that he or she would like to create and plant the seeds in. For example, kids can form a square or a circle with the given seeds. Then these seeds can be planted in this shape.

Have a Treasure Hunt in the Garden.

Prepare the materials and instructions for planting a certain seed. Have the children play a treasure hunt game first through clues written on paper which will lead them to hiding places where they can find the materials needed. These papers will also show the instructions that they must follow to plant the seed properly.

Decorate a Pot.

Have the children decorate their own pots with different materials such as beads, gems, buttons, and paint. Then let them plant in these pots.

Make a Plant Album.

Every day or once a week, go through the different steps of planting and growing a plant. Have the kids take pictures and arrange these in an album which they can decorate and write on. Ask them to note down their observations.

Play a Weeding Game.

Give the kids an orientation about the importance of making your garden weed-free first before the actual gardening. Tell them that removing weeds and large rocks is essential so as to cultivate healthy soil. Have them do this through a game. Divide them into teams and provide a container which they must fill up with weeds and rocks they picked out. At the end of a given time limit, the team with the most weeds and rocks wins.

Create a Sock Garden.

Allow the children to walk through and around a garden in their socks. When the socks are finally covered in seeds, place them in a foil pan made of aluminium. The pan must be shallow, with only a little water to wet the socks. Afterwards, instruct the kids to leave these socks in an indoor area where they can be exposed constantly to sunlight. Surely the children will enjoy watching the seeds sprout as days go by.


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