Thorpe Park | Passholder Day Review

Thorpe Park is one of the Merlin brand attractions and is located near London, on the west side near the M3/4 and M25. This being said it’s very easy to get to via car, being a pass holder day means that if you are an annual Merlin pass. The holder you are able to enter if you have booked (this is important don’t just assume) pass holder says are also available at other Merlin theme parks, these are significantly quieter!

thorpe park

We are Here

In my opinion, It’s more suitable for teenagers and adults with a small selection of rides to keep the young kids entertained. In reality like most parks now 90cm and above allows you to get on the more Child rides so if you have a smaller child than that then don’t expect to be on many rides for the day. You get the best out of the day if you are 1.2 onwards but are still limited on the bigger rides as these are 1.3 or 1.4, fine for most adults  it depending on the teenagers’ size and age they could get on these

With the three kids being at Different ages groups and then different sizes planning the day as we got there was important. We so attend other parks like Legoland, and these are far better for piglet and Tigger but Roo is restricted, so I made it a priority that she gets to go on rides that she wants as she is normally left to just go with the flow. Which she doesn’t complain and gets on with it like a good girl. 

The big Start

So we tackled rides like Vortex, Rush, Zodiac Big high spiny ones, then onto the Saw-The Ride, unfortunately, I was roped into some of these as support, Boo is not a ride girl, she has limits and they are low lol. To be honest, this ruined me for the day as I felt dizzy and sick after the first ride, but i battled through. When I was younger I would go on any rides but nowadays I have to be limited.

Piglet and Boo Rides

Boo then was tasked to Go on rides with Piglet, a smaller gentler, something that boo would be OK with. Tigger is in the middle of sizes to he join in with either, height dependent obviously. So they went on Timber Tug boat, Lumber Jump, Rocky Express. Roo and Tiger went on the Mr Monkey’s Banana ride, Piglet can be hesitant with this ride in multiple places.

One day she will go on it and then another day in another park she wont, weirdly this is probably the most timid one of all the ship base rides we’ve seen. Boo went on a lot of these rides and then all four of them went on the Flying Fish.

Some Angry Birds

We ventured into Angry Birds land which allowed Tigger a chance to go on a couple more rides, but Roo and I joined in on the fun with the King’s pigs wild Hog Dodgems, Finally, It was back to Roo who choose some more big rides like Swarm, Colossus, Stealth, Nemesis Inferno, and again I was the person that went with her. Not that she can’t get on but moral support.

We went on one final ride of Depth charge as we headed to the exit near the Wet Wet Wet area (beach and water play area), this was closed today but with the weather thats fine.

At the end of the day.

I was surprised that there was KFC, burger King available in the park. There were other non branded food outlets aswell but being a theme Park I assumed there wouldn’t be, with Fussy eaters it can sometimes be a challenge if that place is the only place they will eat. This can be handy, but depends on the family, I thought the kebab outlet looked great! Where as the girls looked at the nitrogenie ice cream shop. (it was not warm enough for ice-cream, I was indeed the bad guy for abit). 

In all it was a great day, having Merlin passes does actually save us money, if you take the price of the ticket for all of us compared to the overall price of the Merlin passes for the year its a good offer. As we would make it beneficial by visiting other attractions and in reality, as soon as you have visited another attraction, you will probably be already saving. Add the fact that this day was quiet, on a non pass day, rides can take over an hour at least.

So waiting 20 minutes is nothing, and allowed Roo to Go On rides she would have struggled to get on in one day. Not everything was always open and you can plan your day around it, but this was a small thing. It was still a great day. 


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