Free Fun In The Summer Holidays

Ideas of free and cheap things to do with the children during summer vacation. Have fun in the sun, or organize some indoor activities on rainy days.


Parents know that when it comes to the summer holidays, they are going to need a lot of ideas and plans to keep their children busy and happy. Sometimes, taking the children out and doing these fun things can be costly. In the current economic climate, parents need some cheaper alternatives which can be just as fun.

Fun in the Sun With Kids

During summer days, if the weather is actually sunny like it’s supposed to be, the most obvious place to have some free fun is the beach, if there is one close enough. All that is needed for the beach are a few buckets and spades, towels and plenty of food and water. And don’t forget to pack some sunscreen and a small first aid kit. Beach fun can last all day and leave the children very tired for a good night’s sleep. Activities that can be enjoyed at the beach include sandcastle competitions, paddling, sand sculpturing, beach ball games, and of course, eating ice creams.

If the beach is not as accessible, a picnic in the local park can be just as fun. Bring a nice hamper full of food and a big blanket. The park can be good for sports activities such as football, races or rounders, depending on how many of you there are. The bonus of parks is that many have to play areas for children to run around and play in for as long as they can. Also, many parks have duck ponds where younger children will enjoy feeding the ducks. Bigger parks may have free activities such as nature trails.

Plan Fun Indoor Activities on Rainy Days

As soon as the rain start falling, parents, all start worrying that their children are going to go crazy stuck inside all day. There are so many rainy day activities that can be fun for all in the family. Arts and crafts are the most obvious. Kids will also enjoy painting and making things for each other. Need inspiration? There are plenty of websites and books with millions of ideas of what to make and paint.

Cooking is such a good way to get the family together – not just cooking for dinner but cooking fun treats like cakes, cookies and muffins. Even making little snacks can be great fun for children. Again, there are so many ideas on the internet.

Other ideas for rainy days can be DVD days where the family all sit down to watch a film together. Also making tents inside will somehow leave children amused for hours. Reading is another good activity to do in the holidays as it helps children to continue learning yet doing something that they like. Head to the library. Some bookstores may have free reading-related activities for young readers as well.

Cheaper Days Out for the Family

Watch out for all of the vouchers that float around in the holidays like “2 for 1” deals at theme parks, farms and restaurants. Days out to different parks or beaches are always a lot more interesting for the children. Family trips to see other relatives and friends are great ideas and budget-friendly too, especially if there are more children there so they can amuse each other.

Summer holidays do not need to be expensive at all. Parents and kids can have good, clean fun without breaking the bank


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