Diary From A Dad | December 2023

Diary From a Dad, I look at what happened in our family life as each month goes by, with School, Work, outings, and general family life many challenges face us, but how do we get through the month and what happens? Its Christmas! here we go! Our favourite time of year as we celebrate this special time of the year, but it also signals the end of that busy time and a chance to breathe.


Christmas chaos

With December it’s of course all about Christmas, and I will go into much more detail in our annual Christmas post that I do separately, for me it’s one of the busier times of the year. I’ve been in retail for over 20 years and even though these days I’ve stepped back and prioritised family first, my work in a shop is still busy, especially with deliveries and Christmas and this year it seemed much harder than normal, it was a very tiring month.

As for Boo, she was busy with her work, with changes in her day job coming up and the normal business of her main work with her blog etc its ever busy, but she had one of those Christmas birthdays! so a small celebration after Christmas with the family was enough after the busy chaotic month.

School count down

With the kids ultimately they were counting down to the end of term, not only a break from school but Christmas and what child wasn’t counting down, for Roo she had volunteered to be involved in her high school shows, she may not be technically part of the high school with her at the sixth form, and not doing performing arts at all now, but she had been for a few years and participated in more of the back round helping and organising of the whole event, something that suits her skill set a lot more.

We did some outings as our continuing adventures across garden centres looking at displays continued with some family time. The girls had a couple of outings themselves with cinema and shopping days, surprisingly for Tigger and I we hadn’t really been to the cinema that much, we were now starting that time when the writer’s strike delayed a lot of films. However, being winter and Christmas, we powered through a lot for Christmas films as a family, which even with them getting older they all still like to do and in retrospect, we spent a lot of time together.


Chistmas itself was very good, the kids were excited and even though we had already explained that the main birthday present for each was also the main Christmas from us as well, there were still plenty of gifts to fill their day, we’ve always been more about lots of little presents to spread the fun as opposed to 3-4 relatively big presents. By the day done, I think they were more than happy with the gifts from us and others. As for the food, we ate well for those few days with a successful Christmas day lunch.

Onto the next

Ultimately it was a great month in many ways, there’s a bit more detail on the separate Christmas post, but we move onto January, new year…and in reality, this year has been tough and hopefully 2024 will be better.


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