Top 3 Holiday Destinations Without The Kids

Taking your kids on a family holiday can be an experience and a half. But, let’s be honest, sometimes you want a bit of alone time. There’s nothing wrong with dropping the kids off at their grandparents and going away for a few days. Hey, you’ve earnt it; don’t feel bad about wanting a bit of time to yourselves!


Now, you’ve probably been on plenty of family holidays to some similar destinations over the years. When it’s just you and your partner, you’ve suddenly got way more places to consider. So, here are the top three holiday destinations without the kids:

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Tuscany is one of the prettiest regions in Italy – and that’s saying something, given how gorgeous this country is. The capital is Florence, and it’s known as the global hub of Renaissance art and architecture. There’s not a lot to do here with your kids, which is why it’s perfect when you’re holidaying without them. 
There’s a romance to Tuscany that’s hard to beat. You can rent a car and drive around some of the gorgeous vineyards, enjoying the wonderful weather.

Plus, there are some unique experiences to enjoy here. Of course, you have the Leaning Tower of Pisa, but Tuscany is also known as one of the best places to book cycling holidays to Italy. There are plenty of amazing routes to help you see this beautiful part of the world.


Holidays in the Maldives are unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. You get to enjoy tropical islands and cute hotels, all with a constant sense of bliss surrounding you. This is one of those places that everyone dreams of visiting, but you can never find the time. 

If you have kids, it’s not the place to bring them as they’ll be bored. So, it’s the perfect holiday destination for a lovely romantic getaway. Honestly, this is somewhere you go to feel relaxed and recharged.


Amsterdam gets a bit of a bad reputation because of the Red Light District, but it’s actually one of the best places you can go for a weekend trip away. There are loads of historical things to see here, and plenty of really amazing museums. 

For me, it’s one of those places that you won’t get to appreciate if you bring the kids. They don’t want to walk around the Anne Frank museum with you, and they probably won’t appreciate some of the other cultural spots. If you want to enjoy a bit of an intellectual holiday that’s also very fun and relaxing, Amsterdam is a great option to think about. 

The secret to a holiday without the kids is to make sure they aren’t missing out. You want to tell them about everything you did, and they roll their eyes in boredom. It means you don’t feel guilty for leaving them at home – even though you shouldn’t feel this way anyway!

Also, you want to go places that you can’t usually visit because you have kids. Save the typical holiday destinations for your family vacations and explore new places as a couple.


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