What are we watching this Halloween 2023?

What are we watching this Halloween 2023?, It’s October and that time of year for Halloween! and for us it’s the time of year we save all our Halloween, Scary, Horror films up to watch in this month, we literally start on October 1st and finish on the 31st, we are that organised. But what are we watching this? well let’s look at 5 films that will take priority, this year, we will also see Tigger introduced to Stranger Things, one of my favourite TV series and a bit of a step up for him.

Addams Family

Yes there’s 3, and actually, as of 2021 there’s a 4th, the kids like the Animated version, but as a whole, the family loves the two films from 1991 and 93, an all-star cast and much-loved favourite, for me its still one of the best Halloween films to watch every year, and unlike IT, its a great family Halloween film to watch, hot off the heels of Wednesday TV series, there’s renewed interest in the Films.

Scream Franchise

Last year we began to watch the Scream franchise as Roo was beginning to be introduced to Horror films etc, this year we continue our Halloween films for her but we also see the latest scream that we had intentionally left til now, ultimately the franchise is fine, ups and downs but so many of us will have watched at least 1 of these of not more.


The RL Steins stories go back alongway, and to be fair you could argue that the two films from 2015 and 2018 finally did some justice to the stories, and they are solid films, Jack Black stars in a great family film which has be a family regular every year, this year will also see a new short TV series for fans of the overall franchise.

Hubie Halloween

Now I get this won’t be a great Halloween film in years gone by, and 2020 film starring Adam Sandler for us will also probably not be a favourite in many years in the future, but we enjoyed it, and its that bridge between the younger kids and the adults, and with our kids being teenagers it’s a good shout of a film.

Hocus Pocus

From 1993 Bette Medler leads the family favourite in which in our household gets played every year for at least 15 years, let alone that Boo and I have watched it lots before the kids came. Let’s be honest we all have fond memories of the film, and there’s continual talk of the second one every year, and it always seems close, but as family Halloween films go there is nothing better and this will be always be one of our favourites, with the arrival on the second one recently and talk of a third long term the series looks alive.

Other Films this year that we will watch

  • Stephen Kings IT
  • SAW
  • Cabin in the woods
  • Halloween
  • Knock at the door

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