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Geek Gear Best Ever Mystery Box | Box 2

Geek Gear is a brand that operates mostly online and focuses on Pop culture, in which you can purchase some things individually and via mystery boxes. They theme mystery boxes like Harry Potter, Marvel etc, but some are completely random. This is the second Geek Gear “Best Ever” Mystery box.

We bought a previous Best ever Mystery box and reviewed the first one, but we were so impressed by the price and selection I thought id better get another one, but of course, my natural worry kicked in, will it be the same stuff? will it be as good? but one thing for sure was this time I choose Tigger size for the Tee, which was only fair as he is often my helper and enjoys the stuff like me.


I’ve paid WOW, I’ve watched the Warcraft film, and ill be honest I didn’t straight away see what the hammer was, one of my geek friends pointed it out, The DoomHammer with the Frostwolf logo looks excellent, for Tigger he just liked the idea of the hammer, and its actually quite sturdy and got some weight to it.


This was the only duplicate item from the previous box, a Minecraft Sword, but that’s actually fine as its something that’s worth having more than one, Tigger has already said that he wanted to give that one to his cousin so they could play etc, but its a good thing to have.


So as I said earlier this time I wanted to ensure that I had a Tee for Tigger, and which was excellent it was Superman, the more classic version of superman but that’s still good, its iconic, what I also like is the Captain America esc design and even got Boo confused when she saw it.

Resident Evil

Quick admission, I didn’t know what these were, but again my Geek friends jumped at me by saying it was Resi, which I knew as a franchise etc, but I had no memory of these lol, another admission is that the four key was still in the box as there was lots of packaging, needless to say, all four now are together and the Playing Cards key design is fantastic, Piglet loves them so we have banded them together and given it to her, though she thankfully has no idea where they came from.

Legend of Zelda

I was so annoyed with myself, I knew this was the Majoras mask but I doubled checked with my geeks, and it was, Tigger thought this looked cool and as he is started to understand what Zelda games are, this is good for him, the mask is self has also got some weight to it, and the design is excellent and detailed.


Tigger Loves Batman, I also enjoy his stories etc, this 80th Anniversary poster which is cleverly done in its design with pictures within the poster to make up the portrait of Batman, its fantastic and for Tigger is excellent, this will be framed and on the wall with the others.


This like the other box is full of a variety of Pop culture items, if you are that all-round lover of these or got a family like mine which covers almost all bases, then these style of the mystery box is great, remember this cost me £9.99 which is the best price I’ve ever had. You might get some random items or something you don’t like but that risk applies to every box, which has often less and cost more than this “Best Ever” box, but for me again this has truly been a brilliant box.

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