Diary of our COVID 19 Lockdown | October

In March I decided to do a Lockdown Diary, these were weekly but with the return to a bit more normality, kids back to school everything starting to open, I moved it to Monthly ones as we were still a while away from it being over, fast forward and October last days showed us we really weren’t, as we head back into a national lockdown…Shock.

Some Halloween fun

With this all being said and before the end of month breaking news how did we get on in October? a month that Halloween, Halfterm, School, Work, a house to sell, and randomness of it all. Well as you would expect Halloween was a big part of the month, we were watching Halloween films all month and celebrated Halloween.

I’ve done my normal Halloween Post so I’m not going into detail but you can read that one as well to get an idea of the fun and what we got up to, needless to say, it was a normal one as know one expected it to be, let alone do what they probably wanted to do.

There was a bit more optimism at the beginning of the month, boo work was beginning to improve again, we were in a routine with my work and my blog, Boo and I even managed to go out for a lunch! a rare thing as this year we hadn’t really been out together on our own, even during the summer big initiative we were able to, same for my birthday and our Anniversary.

We are this time though we had sold the house, and hopefully, it would be over soon, but it took the whole month of delays etc to finalise and right at the end of the month it was done, we walked away with nothing really but in reality, it was worry and burden of our hands, we were losing money every month and it had to go, just months (years )after we planned.

Work time

In reality, my work has been continuing and consistent with Halloween and then Xmas coming insight, much more people had been following guidelines which meant people were far more on the ball with Masks, though students were my biggest bugbear as they were now the biggest sinners, and being a very student city it was frustrating, with some issues at work it also them neat I was working more and what was worse, more random shifts.

Which was hard on seeing the kids and planning anything, even with this blog and bits I’ve struggled at times being all over the place, short term I don’t mind but long term things at work need to be sorted and organised so I for me I can go back to more regular versions of my normal shifts, with the latest lockdown I’m not sure what the rest of the year looks like.

The kids have been powering through school work and for them, it was very much like a normal school year, with just odd little tweaks, Tigger and Roo were happy to see half term though whereas Piglet was enjoying school, she missed not being there seeing her friends. the half-term did allow us to have a day out at the local Roarr Dinosaur adventure, this was a break up for the kids of there inside and school routine,

It was a rainy day which was a shame, as we didn’t spend as long there as we would have liked, but in reality, the kids still enjoyed the time, and we have been there a few times and always enjoy it. There were also some new additions to the Fishtank, Some weird snails and some Suckerfish, along with a top-up of Penguin Tetras, as their school was low on numbers.

Where we going?

As we stair at November and no doubt the complicatedness of the month I’m reminded that this is my favourite time, Sep-Dec months are my favourite, they go quick, my birthday, Anniversary, Halloween, kids birthday’s, Xmas, dotted in there are films and game releases Like Fifa, but this is my favourite, I love everything about it, the feel and smell of it all, and I’m determined for live not to ruin it at the moment, though it’s trying its hardest lol.


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